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Refereed Papers


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Under Revision

55. Das, P. and Haynes R.D. A Higher Order Uniformly Convergent Numerical Solution for Parabolic Initial Boundary Value Problems with Boundary Layers by Post Processing Techniques


56. Haynes, R.D. and Mohammad, Khaled. Fully Discrete Schwarz Waveform Relaxation Analysis for the Heat Equation on a Finite Spatial Domain. June 2021

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Preprints/In Preparation

Published Teaching Resources

57. Brown, M. and Haynes, R.D. Student Solution's Manual for Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation: Jeffrey Leader, Addison--Wesley,ISBN-10: 0321257332 ISBN-13: 9780321257338

Published Book Reviews

58. Haynes, R.D. A review of "Numerical Linear Algebra: An Introduction by Holger Wendland Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics, 2018", PDF


Some Schwarz Moving Mesh Movies

Current Projects

I am working on the following projects, collaborators are listed next to each project.
  • Optimization problems whose function evaluations depend on the numerical solution of partial differential equations - Thomas Humphries (MUN), Richard Karsten (Acadia)
  • Domain Decomposition and Moving Mesh Methods for time dependent PDEs - Bob Russell (SFU), Weizhang Huang (Kansas), Martin Gander (Geneve), Felix Kwok (Hong Kong Baptist) and Students

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