Selected Talks



Group gradings on simple Lie and related algebras Stochastic Processes and Algebraic Structures, Västerås, Sweden   (September 30, 2019)
Group gradings on the algebras of block-triangular matrices Rings, Modules, and Hopf Algebras, Almería, Spain   (May 15, 2019)
Applications of affine group schemes to the study of gradings by abelian groups Mathematical Congress of the Americas, Montreal, Canada   (July 27, 2017)
On rigidity of Nichols algebras XXI Latinoamerican Colloquium in Algebra   (July 25, 2016)
Graded-simple algebras and modules via the loop construction CMS Summer Meeting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   (June 25, 2016)
Gradings on trialitarian algebras and simple Lie algebras of type D4 AMS Meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada   (October 18, 2014)
Group gradings on structurable algebras and exceptional simple Lie algebras Mathematics Seminar, Zaragoza, Spain   (June 25, 2014)
Graded modules over simple Lie algebras with a group grading Mathematical Congress of the Americas, Guanajuato, Mexico   (August 5, 2013)

Mikhail Kotchetov
October 10, 2019