The list below consists of the oldest identifiable forefathers of each of the participants in our project (more or less in the order that their descendants joined the project). For each patriarch, a list of the test kit numbers for each project member who is a descendant is provided. Most participants have provided details of their relationships to these patriarchs; you can examine these details by viewing each participant's paternal pedigree (just follow the links on the "Participants & Pedigrees" page).

A separate page is being maintained with details about various "Early Pike Lines", several of which are not yet represented in our project.

Patriarch #001
Participating Descendants: David 23996

Name: Thomas PIKE
Death: Before April 1848 location unknown, but probably Carbonear, Newfoundland
Remarks: Thomas is known to have had sons Henry and Moses, and is thought to have also had a son John. Thomas' wife is believed to have been named Catherine, and that she was commonly referred to as "Jersey Kitty".

The name of Thomas' father is known to be Thomas (but that's about all that is now known about him).

It is strongly suspected that Thomas' forefathers resided in Poole, Dorset before settling in Newfoundland. For instance, it is known that in 1703 a Thomas Pike, mariner of Poole, left a will in preparation for sailing to Newfoundland; in his will he left property in Newfoundland to his sons John and Thomas.

Patriarch #002
Participating Descendants: Peggy/John 24697

Name: John PIKE
Birth: About 1765 North Carolina
Marriage: unknown North Carolina
Death: After 1850 Henderson County, Tennessee
Spouse/Partner: unknown
Remarks: John's children who stayed in Tennessee were John, Jacob, and Rhoda (who married William N FOWLER). Other children Samuel M, Hugh L, and Joseph all left Tennessee and moved to Panola County, Texas between 1845 and 1855.

Patriarch #003
Participating Descendants: Earl 28267, Ronald 29676, Dale 30937, Roy 31483, Allen 33139, Ken 48887, Jeffrey 57262, Spencer 62105, Roger 70909, Gary 75905, Richard 93897

Name: John PIKE
Birth: October 1572 South Hampton, Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England
Marriage: 17 January 1612/13 Whiteparish, Wiltshire, England
Death: 26 May 1654 Salisbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Dorothy DAY
Birth: about 1592 Boscombe, Wiltshire, England
Death: between 16 August 1631 and 28 March 1632 England
Remarks: John settled in Massachusetts in 1635. He and Dorothy had 2 sons (named John and Robert) and 3 daughters (Dorothy (who married Daniel Hendrick), Ann (called "Hannah", who married James Fisk), and Israel (who married Henry True)).

The book "The Family of John Pike of Newbury, Massachusetts - 1635-1995" by Allen R. Pike has plenty of information about John and his descendants.

Patriarch #004
Participating Descendants: Bryan 28606

Name: Benjamin PIKE
Birth: August 1784 Maine
Marriage: 11 August 1811 Newburyport, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Abigail BENNETT
Birth: July 1794 Exeter, New Hampshire
Remarks: Abigail is listed in the 1850 and 1870 census with her son Benjamin F Pike and family. The 1850 census also has an Edwin Pike in the household.

Patriarch #005
Participating Descendants: Thomas 24941

Name: Thomas PIKE
Birth: Virginia
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth MARKS
Birth: Kentucky

Patriarch #006
Participating Descendants: Philip 61275

Name: William PIKE
Birth: unknown
Marriage: 04 December 1875 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Death: unknown
Spouse/Partner: Susannah MACLEAN
Birth: 1848 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Death: 06 June 1896 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Remarks: The identity of William's parents is not known. However, there is a connection with the family of Richard PIKE who married Sophia KNOWLTON on 26 May 1875. William and Richard's families are listed in a family Bible (page one, page two).

Patriarch #007
Participating Descendants: Margaret 32045

Name: Joseph PIKE
Birth: about 1759/60
Death: 19 February 1842
Spouse/Partner: Rebecca HAWKINS
Birth: 1763
Death: 26 June 1817
Remarks: Joseph enlisted in the Revolutionary War from Hardwick, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Joseph and Rebecca had 7 children between about 1790 and 1801: Elisha (or Joseph Elisha), William, Robert, a daughter (Rachel?), Joel, Samuel, and Hiram.

Also resident in Hardwick at about the same time as Joseph was the family of one Elisha PIKE (who is believed to be descended from James PIKE of Charlestown and Reading, Massachusetts), but it is not known if Elisha and Joseph were related.

Patriarch #008
Participating Descendants: Roger 33184, John 61290, Kenneth 87449

Name: Archibald PIKE
Birth: 1658
Death: 1728
Spouse/Partner: Mildred

Patriarch #009
Participating Descendants: Ronald 34964

Name: Charles PIKE
Birth: about 1828 Ohio
Death: unknown
Spouse/Partner: Maria
Birth: about 1830 Ohio
Death: unknown
Remarks: The 1860 census lists Charles and Maria living in Clear Creek Township, Keokuk County, Iowa, with children: Mary (age 12, born in Ohio), James (age 10, born in Ohio), Charles (age 8, born in Iowa), and Napoleon (age 6, born in Iowa).

The 1880 census lists Charles & Mariah PIKE living in Lancaster Township, Keokuk County, Iowa. Charles is described as 57, born in Ohio, and with both parents born in New York. Living with Charles and Mariah are children (Carrie (aged 19), Ebaneezer (17), Ida B (14), Alace (11), and Grant (7)), a fellow named Robert MAN, and Mercy PIKE (she is described as being Charles' mother, aged 78, born in New York).

Patriarch #010
Participating Descendants: Sandy 18526

Name: Levi McPIKE
Birth: 1780 Pennsylvania
Spouse/Partner: Mary WEST
Birth: 1800 Franklin County, Pennsylvania
Remarks: Levi and Mary had sons Caleb, Rhody, John, Simon, and Jacob, as well as daughters Mary, Rachel, Nancy, and Catharine.

Patriarch #011
Participating Descendants: Ralph S001, Faye 48264

Name: Abraham PYKE
Birth: about 1791 in or near Baltimore, Maryland
Spouse/Partner: Catherine
Birth: about 1789
Remarks: Abraham and Catherine had 3 children: Samuel F, John, and Catherine.

Abraham's parentage is unclear. It has been reported that Abraham is the illegitimate son of a maid (whose identity is unknown) and an English businessman in Baltimore. Census records reveal that there was a PYKE living in Baltimore who could be Abraham's father (this man was also named Abraham; he was the owner of a cigar factory in Baltimore, married a woman named Rebecca DAVIDSON, and died on 2 April 1841).

Patriarch #012
Participating Descendants: Roger 50318

Name: Thomas PIKE
Birth: 1752
Marriage: 27 October 1777 Linkenholt, Hampshire
Death: buried 26 May 1831 St James, Ashmansworth, Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Mary NEWPORT
Birth: about 1757
Death: buried 16 December 1840 St James, Ashmansworth, Hampshire
Remarks: Children of Thomas and Mary: William, George, David, Isaac

Patriarch #013
Participating Descendants: Sharon & Greg 47429

Name: Hugh PIKE
Birth: 1657 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Marriage: 17 June 1685
Death: 02 December 1727 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Sarah BROWN
Birth: 10 May 1663 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Death: before 1691

Patriarch #014
Participating Descendants: Stuart 48191

Name: William H. PIKE
Birth: 20 September 1835 New York
Marriage: 01 August 1861
Death: 12 August 1897 Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan
Spouse/Partner: Antoinette HIGBEE
Birth: 30 July 1844 Benton Township, Berrien County, Michigan
Death: 13 April 1871
Remarks: William & Antoinette had 3 children: Allison G (1863), Ona E (1865), Lizze M (1869)

The 1870 census lists William PIKE (aged 33, born in New York) in Benton, Berrien County, Michigan. With him is a wife Mary, son Alison (aged 7), and daughters Ona (aged 5) and Lizzie (aged 1). Images of the 1870 census are available online: page 62 and page 62R

The 1880 census lists William H PIKE (aged 45, born in New York) in Benton, Berrien County, Michigan. With him is a wife Sophronia, children (Alisor (age 16), Ona E (age 14), Lizzie (age 11), Charles H (age 9)) and also a stepson Delbert GUY. William's father is said to have been born in Massachusetts, and his mother in Vermont.

Patriarch #015
Participating Descendants: Jackie 52162

Name: Moses PIKE
Marriage: 06 April 1791 Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Theodate SANBORN
Remarks: The IGI records Moses and Theodate's marriage in 1791, followed by the births of 12 children (all at Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire): Abraham Sanborn (1792), Benjamin (1794), Moses Hook (1796), Johnathan (1798), Levi (1801), Adaline (1803), Arvilla (1803), Hannah Hook (1805), John Kimball (1808), Mary Shaw (1810), Edner Dow (1813), and Sarah (1816).

Patriarch #016
Participating Descendants: Steven 60440

Name: Manassah PIKE
Birth: 28 July 1798 Rumney, New Hampshire
Marriage: banns dated 21 April 1816 Orange, Orange County, Vermont
Death: 21 November 1874 Albany, Orleans, Vermont
Spouse/Partner: Nancy WILDS
Birth: 12 May 1798 Topsham, Orange County, Vermont
Death: 4 December 1884 Wolcott, Vermont
Remarks: Manassah and Nancy had six children: Angeline (1816), Reuben (about 1820), Adna Reuben (1822), Almira (1827), Burton G (1833), Lydia Maria (1834).

Patriarch #017
Participating Descendants: Rexford 60427

Name: Leonard PIKE
Birth: 1696
Marriage: 1 April 1723 Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Death: before 1754
Spouse/Partner: Ann SNOW
Birth: 17 July 1703 Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts
Remarks: 10 children of Leonard and Ann are known.

Patriarch #018
Participating Descendants: James 62921

Name: William PIKE
Birth: North Carolina
Remarks: William's son Samuel was born in North Carolina in 1814.

Patriarch #019
Participating Descendants: Gilbert and Maureen 62731, Johnathan 63479

Name: James PIKE
Marriage: 1648 Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Naomi
Remarks: James arrived in Massachusetts in 1644 and lived at Charlestown and Reading.

James is believed to have had children: James (1647), Jeremiah (1649), John (1653), Zachariah (1658), and Mary.

Patriarch #020
Participating Descendants: Drake 70672

Name: Philip PIKE
Birth: Manchester, Lancashire, England
Marriage: before 1713
Spouse/Partner: Rebecca LEWIS
Remarks: Philip immigrated to Kittery, Maine, probably between 1700 and 1705. He was a tailor in Kittery.

Patriarch #021
Participating Descendants: David 70319

Name: John PIKE
Marriage: 2 January 1707 Headcorn, Kent
Spouse/Partner: Jane GOLDFINCH

Patriarch #022
Participating Descendants: Jerry 74703

Name: Richard PIKE (of Newbury, Berkshire)
Birth: 1598
Remarks: Richard's son Richard founded a prominent Quaker Pike family in Cork, Ireland.

Patriarch #023
Participating Descendants: Anonymous 61276

Name: Noah PIKE
Birth: Cornish, Maine or Lynn, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: unknown SMITH
Remarks: Noah and his wife had children: Theofilus Smith, Harrison W, Meshack S, Ellen Josephine, Eunice Smith.

Patriarch #024
Participating Descendants: Kevin/Deb 80326

Name: John PIKE
Birth: bapt. 13 June 1780 Edington, Wiltshire
Marriage: February 1802 Edington, Wiltshire
Death: about 1860 Edington, Wiltshire
Spouse/Partner: Mary HISKINS
Birth: about 1779 Earle Stoke, Wiltshire
Death: 15 August 1822 Edington, Wiltshire
Remarks: John and Mary had children: Moses, William, James, Eliza, Elizabeth, Jacob, Mary, Joseph, and Jabez.

John was the illegitimate son of Sarah PIKE (daughter of Moses PIKE and Elizabeth BALDWIN) who subsequently married a William ORAM and had another 7 children.

Patriarch #025
Participating Descendants: Stacey 59944

Name: John PIKE
Birth: before 1775
Death: 1824 Robertson, Tennessee
Spouse/Partner: Sarah BYRD
Death: after 1827

Patriarch #026
Participating Descendants: Lori 79012

Name: David PIKE
Birth: about 1808 England (possibly Ramsbury, Wiltshire)
Marriage: August 1828 Ramsbury, Wiltshire
Death: 14 November 1891 Leroy Township, Lake County, Ohio
Spouse/Partner: Hannah MASLIN
Birth: about 1807 England
Death: January 1886 Painesville, Lake County, Ohio
Remarks: David and Hannah sailed from Bristol, Somerset on board the Nelson along with children Martha and John. They entered the USA at the port of New York on 5 September 1832. David was listed with age 24, Hannah 25, Martha 2y 6m, and John 1y 1m.

David and Hannah are believed to have also had a daughter Mary, as well as a son David W.

Patriarch #027
Participating Descendants: Linda 87726

Name: Francis PIKE
Birth: 16 December 1779 Wurttemburg, Germany
Death: 17 November 1863 Greencastle, Pennsylvania
Remarks: More details about Francis and his descendants can be found here.

Patriarch #028
Participating Descendants: Bradley 85494, August 94742

Name: Wesley W. PIKE
Birth: about 1812
Marriage: before 1835
Death: between 1865 and 06 June 1870
Spouse/Partner: Olivia DRAKE
Birth: about 1814
Death: about 12 March 1878
Remarks: Wesley and Olivia lived in Hamilton County, Ohio.
Wesley was last found in the 1860 census, and Olivia in the 1870 census.

Patriarch #029
Participating Descendants: David 98682, Jerry 109431

Name: Thomas PIKE
Marriage: 10 June 1776 Keyworth, Notthinghamshire
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth DAVEY
Remarks: Thomas and Elizabeth had 9 children.

Patriarch #030
Participating Descendants: Carolyn 111464

Name: John PIKE
Birth: 1770 Berkshire, England
Marriage: 26 December 1807 St. Phillip's, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Death: Prospect, New South Wales, Australia
Spouse/Partner: Jane FERRIDAY
Birth: Dawley Magna, Shropshire, England
Death: Prospect, New South Wales, Australia
Remarks: John was convicted of stealing kitchen utensils including two copper stew pans, a gin cask and a delft bowl, total value 11 shillings from Henry Richards (the elder); 2 waistcoats worth 10 shillings from Frederick Richards. John Pike's place of residence at the time of conviction was St. Helen's Parish, Wallingford, Oxfordshire. He was sentenced July 31, 1797 to seven years. By October 30th, 1797, he was listed aboard the hulk "Foortunce" in Langton to sit in the harbour and await transportation. By August 4, 1802, he is listed as arriving in NSW on the "Perseus". By 1806, he was recorded as being free of servitude and employed by J. O'Hara or J. O'Harn. In 1814, he was recorded as free, off stores and a land holder. He had a grant and purchase of 270 acres of land, 5 acres under wheat, six acres of maize, seven acres of barley, and one acre each of oats, peas and beans by 1822. He also had six horses, fifty cattle, twenty sheep, eight hogs, ten bushells of wheat and eighty bushels of maize in hand. June 10th, 1825, he was convicted of selling spirits by retail, without a licence, and fined $100 [from the Sydney Gazette 16th June 1825]. By 1828, he was doing well and had 840 acres of land, four horses, eighty cattle, and forty-six sheep.

He was born in 1770 according to the probate records. His cause of death was accidental injury sustained by upsetting of cart eight weeks earlier. He died of gangrene. He was buried two days later at St. Bartholomew's, Prospect.

Children: John (1808-1879), Richard (1810-1812), Jane (1811-1853), Thomas (1814-1893), Richard (1815-1858), Thomas (1815), William (1817-1891), George (1819-1820), Mary (1821-1809), Robert (1823-1882), Elizabeth (1825-1910), Susannah (1827-1897), Sarah (1829-1872).

Patriarch #031
Participating Descendants: Alan 27712

Name: Richard PIKE
Birth: 1774 Somerset
Marriage: 12 March 1799 St Cuthbert's Church, Wells, Somerset
Death: 1844 Ilchester, Somerset
Spouse/Partner: Anne LOVELL
Birth: 7 September 1770 Wells, Somerset
Remarks: Richard and Anne had sons John (1807) and Edmund (1809).

Note that Richard's parents were Richard STOCK and Mary PIKE, so Richard is the patriarch of his Pike Y-DNA clan. Meanwhile, Mary is known to have had a brother named Reuben Jacob PIKE who had nine sons.

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