Paternal Pedigree for Participant 34964

Generation #5

Name: Charles PIKE
Birth: about 1828 Ohio
Death: unknown
Spouse/Partner: Maria
Birth: about 1830 Ohio
Death: unknown
Remarks: The 1860 census lists Charles and Maria living in Clear Creek Township, Keokuk County, Iowa, with children: Mary (age 12, born in Ohio), James (age 10, born in Ohio), Charles (age 8, born in Iowa), and Napoleon (age 6, born in Iowa).

The 1880 census lists Charles & Mariah PIKE living in Lancaster Township, Keokuk County, Iowa. Charles is described as 57, born in Ohio, and with both parents born in New York. Living with Charles and Mariah are children (Carrie (aged 19), Ebaneezer (17), Ida B (14), Alace (11), and Grant (7)), a fellow named Robert MAN, and Mercy PIKE (she is described as being Charles' mother, aged 78, born in New York).

Generation #4

Name: James PIKE
Birth: about 1850 Ohio
Marriage: unknown
Death: unknown
Spouse/Partner: Mary Jane MANN
Birth: about 1853 Pennsylvania
Death: unknown
Remarks: James and Mary Jane had 5 children: Charles (born about 1872 in an unknown location), James (born in Iowa about 1873), Arthur (born in Colorado about 1876), Mary (born in Iowa about 1877), George W (born in Iowa about 1878).

The 1880 census lists James & Mary, their children (Charles, James, Mary, and George), as well as James' mother-in-law Mary MANN, residing together in Jackson Township, Keokuk County, Iowa. James is listed with age 31, born in Ohio, and also with Ohio stated as the birthplace of his parents.

Generation #3

Name: George Washington PIKE
Birth: 22 February 1878-1879 Boone County, Iowa
Marriage: 30 August 1905 Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado
Death: 28 September 1966 Pueblo, Colorado
Spouse/Partner: Viola F. LISLE
Birth: 6 March 1888 Morrison, Jefferson County, Colorado
Death: 18 March 1969 Pueblo, Colorado

Generation #2

Name: Lisle Osborn PIKE
Birth: 29 May 1915 La Grande, Union County, Oregon
Marriage: 12 May 1934 Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado
Death: 12 August 1987 Pueblo, Pueblo County, Colorado
Spouse/Partner: Hildred Eugina WATKINS
Birth: 14 June 1915 Kansas City, Kansas
Death: 12 July 1985 Gunnison, Colorado
Remarks: Lisle and Hildred had 4 children.

Generation #1

Name: Ronald S. PIKE
(Participant 34964)
Spouse/Partner: Living