Early and Noteworthy Pike Family Lines

On this page brief details about early Pikes in various locations are being gathered in the hope that this will shed some light on the origins of the Pike family in each region. No doubt this list is incomplete, and also that the meanings of "early" and "noteworthy" will vary from one place to another. If you know of a Pike line that should be included, please contact David Pike at dapike@mun.ca.

There is a separate webpage with information about Pike Coats of Arms.

In the British Isles

In New England

Elsewhere in the USA

In Canada

In other locations

Several of the references above cite records of the PFA (the Pike Family Association). These records are published booklets that contain information supplied by various people. Unfortunately, in most cases, the information in the PFA booklets does not supply us with sources that we can check to verify the information. In one case in particular (concerning the ancestry of John Pike who settled at Newbury, Massachusetts in 1635) the information that appears in the PFA 1906 and 1912 booklets is known to be unreliable.
Possible Aliases

Listed below are some surnames that have (or might have) genetic linkages with the Pike surname. These connections arose from a variety of situations, such as intentional changes of surname (sometimes required in order to inherit an estate), anglicisation of surnames (such as from Latin to English), etc. In short, this is a list of surnames to be on the lookout for when viewing Y-DNA matches with Pikes.

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