Paternal Pedigree for Participant 47429

Generation #9

Name: Hugh PIKE
Birth: 1657 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Marriage: 17 June 1685
Death: 02 December 1727 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Sarah BROWN
Birth: 10 May 1663 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts
Death: before 1691

Generation #8

Name: Hugh PIKE
Birth: 28 May 1686
Marriage: 24 November 1715 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Hannah EMERSON
Birth: about 1694

Generation #7

Name: James PIKE
Birth: 21 May 1725 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Marriage: 12 March 1746/47 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Death: 1811
Spouse/Partner: Anne GEORGE
Birth: 12 March 1727/28 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts

Generation #6

Name: James PIKE
Birth: 13 December 1752 Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Marriage: 18 January 1776
Death: 30 November 1837 Franklin, New Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Alice GEORGE
Birth: 18 February 1756
Death: 08 October 1837
Remarks: James and Alice had children: Hannah (who married Levi GEORGE), Rebecca (who married Enoch NELSON), Alice, Simeon (who married Melinda NICHOLS), Sally, James Eaton, Stephen George, Hugh (who married Betsy FULLER), Samuel (who married Betsy BROWN, Hannah WELLS, and Polly CLARK), Lydia, Polly, and Rufus (see below).

Generation #5

Name: Rufus PIKE
Birth: 17 August 1812 Franklin, New Hampshire
Marriage: 18 January 1842 Topsham, Orange County, Vermont
Death: 10 January 1885 Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota
Spouse/Partner: Alice "Elsie" George NELSON
Birth: 02 May 1818 Vermont
Death: 01 November 1889 Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota
Remarks: There is some uncertainty about Rufus' parentage, given that his mother Alice was born in 1756 and therefore would have given birth to Rufus at age 56.

Rufus and Elsie had children: George B (who married Uranah PAGE), Orin (who married Sarah SOUTHWICK), Climena, Wallace Lindsay (who married Sarah E HEALEY), Alice, James Single (see below), Charlie (who married Gertrude Sarah RANDALL), Unnah, and Anna Jane.

Generation #4

Name: James Single PIKE
Birth: 29 May 1854 Rippon, Wisconsin
Marriage: 25 February 1880 Rushford, Minnesota
Death: 22 June 1909 Aurora, South Dakota
Spouse/Partner: Harriet Louisa WEED
Birth: 24 August 1856 Rippon, Wisconsin
Death: 08 October 1932 Rushford, Minnesota
Remarks: James and Harriet had children: Nellie May (who married George F STAPLES), Charlie Rufus (who married Veta DEVENSKILL and Helen BOSTON), Ernest Eugene (who married Diana Maud SAGE), Nora Myrtle (who married Levroy E MILLER), James William (see below), Bessie Georgia (who married Charlie HANCOCK and Fred QUIGLEY), DeLos Single, Anna Charlotte (who married William W SMITH), and Floyd Lloyd (who married Stella PALMGROVE and Winnifred JOHNSON).

Generation #3

Name: James William PIKE
Birth: 24 April 1887 Aurora, South Dakota
Marriage: 21 June 1916 Brookings, South Dakota
Death: 28 August 1931 Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Spouse/Partner: Ruth Elma MARDEN
Birth: 06 March 1893 Shell Lake, Wisconsin
Death: 27 July 1938 Spooner, Wisconsin
Remarks: Will and Ruth had children: Gene Marden (1917-2008) and Melvin Henry (1920-2001)

Generation #2

Name: Gene Marden PIKE
Birth: 16 July 1917 Spooner, Wisconsin
Marriage: 29 September 1938 Valpariso, Indiana
Death: 19 June 2008 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Spouse/Partner: Marian Lue CURTIS
Birth: 08 July 1920 Long Lake, Washburn County, Wisconsin
Death: 08 September 2007 Anderson County, Kentucky

Generation #1

Name: Greg PIKE
(Participant 47429)
Spouse/Partner: Sharon