The Pike DNA Blog is where news updates and other announcements about our project are regularly posted.

Anybody with an interest in our project is welcome to subscribe to automatically receive email notificiations whenever there are new posts to the blog. To subscribe, go to the blog's website and enter your email address in the subscription field.

Previous Mailing List

The Pike DNA Blog was initiated in February 2020. From late 2004 until early 2020 our project disseminated news bulletins via the PIKE-DNA email mailing list. However, in March 2020 discontinued all of the mailing lists that it had been supporting, which is why we transitioned to using a blog to share news about our project. An archive of all messages ever distributed via the mailing list can be found within the mailing list's archive.

Discussion Board:

Our project also has an online discussion board supported by FamilyTreeDNA that anybody can read, although the FamilyTreeDNA website only permits project members to post to it.

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