Paternal Pedigree for Participant S001

Generation #6

Name: Abraham PYKE
Birth: about 1791 in or near Baltimore, Maryland
Spouse/Partner: Catherine
Birth: about 1789
Remarks: Abraham and Catherine had 3 children: Samuel F, John, and Catherine.

Abraham's parentage is unclear. It has been reported that Abraham is the illegitimate son of a maid (whose identity is unknown) and an English businessman in Baltimore. Census records reveal that there was a PYKE living in Baltimore who could be Abraham's father (this man was also named Abraham; he was the owner of a cigar factory in Baltimore, married a woman named Rebecca DAVIDSON, and died on 2 April 1841).

Generation #5

Name: Samuel F. PYKE
Birth: 6 April 1825 York County, Pennsylvania
Marriage: about 1847
Death: 28 May 1887 Abilene, Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Catherine EISENHOWER
Birth: 11 July 1824 Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Death: 6 November 1907 Abilene, Kansas
Remarks: Samuel F and Catherine had 8 children: Jacob Frederick, John David, Anna Jane, Elizabeth Rebecca, Samuel Peter, Sarah Catherine, Susan, Mary Ann.

Generation #4

Name: Jacob Frederick PYKE
Birth: 16 October 1851 Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Marriage: 28 December 1871 Kingstown, Pennsylvania
Death: 25 April 1896 Dickinson County, Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Susan Jane BOWERS
Birth: 11 December 1847 Mifflintown, Pennsylvania
Death: 29 June 1930 Abilene, Kansas
Remarks: Jacob Frederick and Susan Jane had 11 children: Samuel Fredrick, Anna E, Lillie M, Harvey Martin, Oliver Edward, Christina E, Elizabeth M, Cora Belle, Jacob Herbert, Susan B, Mary J.

Generation #3

Name: Samuel Fredrick PYKE
Birth: 12 March 1882 Abilene, Kansas
Marriage: 25 November 1906 Abilene, Kansas
Death: 5 March 1965 Herrington, Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Florence Nevada WONN
Birth: 10 June 1881 Abilene, Kansas
Death: 8 August 1915 Abilene, Kansas
Remarks: Samuel Fredrick and Florence Nevada had 4 children (Roy William, Ethel Dorothy Irene, Elsie Marie, Hazel Pauline). Samuel's second marriage (in 1916, in Abilene, Kansas) was to Beulah Etta HOLTON. Samuel's third marriage was to Agusta Mueller WINTERS (in 1947).

Generation #2

Name: Roy William PYKE
Birth: 9 August 1906 Abilene, Kansas
Marriage: 5 May 1926 Abilene, Kansas
Death: 15 September 1984 Abilene, Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Ruth Katherine GISH
Birth: 1 June 1905 Abilene, Kansas
Death: 17 September 1985 Enterprise, Kansas

Generation #1

Name: Ralph E. PYKE
(Participant S001)