Paternal Pedigree for Participant 50318

Generation #7

Name: Thomas PIKE
Birth: 1752
Marriage: 27 October 1777 Linkenholt, Hampshire
Death: buried 26 May 1831 St James, Ashmansworth, Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Mary NEWPORT
Birth: about 1757
Death: buried 16 December 1840 St James, Ashmansworth, Hampshire
Remarks: Children of Thomas and Mary: William, George, David, Isaac

Generation #6

Name: George PIKE
Birth: 1785 Whitchurch, Hampshire
Marriage: 17 September 1812 Whitchurch, Hampshire
Death: buried 11 March 1842 St James, Ashmansworth, Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Mary MASKELL
Birth: 10 July 1786 Linkenholt, Hampshire
Death: buried 20 November 1867 Woolton Hill, East Woodhay, Hampshire
Remarks: Children of George and Mary: Sarah, Leah, Mary Jane, John, Robert George

Generation #5

Name: Henry George PIKE
Birth: 27 February 1814 Ashmansworth, Hampshire
Marriage: 26 December 1840 St Giles, Reading, Berkshire
Death: 21 October 1885 Sparland, Marshall County, Illinois
Spouse/Partner: Hannah CANNING
Birth: 3 April 1815 East Woodhay, Hampshire
Death: 11 November 1858 Dye Farm, St Mary Bourne, Hampshire
Remarks: Children of Henry George and Hannah: Charles Henry, Mary Jane, John, Fanny, Alfred Henry, Thomas Henry, William, Sarah H.

Generation #4

Name: Thomas Henry PIKE
Birth: 9 June 1853 East Woodhay, Hampshire
Marriage: 4 October 1874 LaSalle, Illinois
Death: 3 November 1928 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Irene Fannie RATHBURN
Birth: 6 August 1855 Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois
Death: 25 February 1943 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Remarks: Children of Thomas Henry and Irene Fannie: Fanny Irene, Oliver, Nettie, Lester Atwood, Minnie Myrtle, Louise Ethel, Arthur Ray, Henry Harrison, Florence Pearl, Carrol Elmer

Generation #3

Name: Lester Atwood PIKE
Birth: 7 July 1880 Deer Park, Illinois
Marriage: 14 March 1909 Kansas
Death: 11 January 1963 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Ella May WARD
Birth: 2 December 1883 Fall River, Greenwood, Kansas
Death: 27 November 1966 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Remarks: Children of Lester Atwood and Ella May: Bernice, Harold Fenton, Irene Delores

Generation #2

Name: Harold Fenton PIKE
Birth: 27 August 1911 Fall River, Greenwood, Kansas
Marriage: 1 October 1932 Yates Center, Wilson, Kansas
Death: 29 October 1993 Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Crystal Fern TAYLOR
Birth: 26 August 1915 Toronto, Greenwood, Kansas
Death: 12 February 1997 Wichita, Kansas

Generation #1

Name: Roger Allen PIKE
(Participant 50318)
Death: 21 August 2013
Spouse/Partner: Living