Paternal Pedigree for Participant 62731

Generation #11

Name: James PIKE
Birth: probably in England
Marriage: unknown
Death: 6 December 1699 Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Naomi or Sarah (see footnote *)
Death: April 1692 Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Remarks: Wheeler's History of Newport, New Hampshire states that, "The Pikes came from England to Massachusetts." James was admitted to the Church in Charlestown, Massachusetts on 3 May 1647 and was made a freeman on 26 May 1647. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Reading, Massachusetts.

*According to Savage, James had two wives, Naomi and Sarah. I am uncertain which wife was John's mother or which wife died in April of 1692.

Generation #10

Name: John PIKE
Birth: 1 January 1653/54 Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Marriage: 28 March 1671 Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Death: March 1709
Remarks: John lived in Reading and Roxbury, Massachusetts. John and Elizabeth had children: Susanna, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Jarvis and another Elizabeth.

Generation #9

Name: Jarvis PIKE
Birth: 26 February 1683/84 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage: 14 January 1707/08 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Abigail STORY
Death: 9 July 1736 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Remarks: Jarvis and Abigail moved from Roxbury to Dedham. They had children born in both places, namely: Jarvis, Elisha, John, Susanna, Sarah, Elizabeth and Mary.

Generation #8

Name: Jarvis PIKE
Birth: 25 April 1709 Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Marriage: 29 November 1732 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Death: before 7 August 1750 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Experience PIRCE/PIERCE
Remarks: Jarvis and Experience moved from Dedham to Providence to Rehoboth. Jarvis was a joiner. They had children: Hannah, John, Moses and Miriam.

Generation #7

Name: Moses PIKE
Birth: 1 May 1738 Dedham, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Marriage: 29 January 1761 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Death: 9 November 1815 Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
Spouse/Partner: Sarah GARNSEY
Birth: 15 May 1735 Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Death: 3 July 1810 Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
Remarks: Moses and Sarah moved from Rehoboth to Attleborough where all their children were born. They had children: Hannah, John, Moses, Jarvis, David, Comfort, Wonderful and Stephen.

Generation #6

Name: Moses PIKE
Birth: 26 January 1766 Attleborough, Bristol, Massachusetts
Marriage: 11 May 1788 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: 23 July 1848 Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Nancy A WILLIS
Birth: 10 May 1767 Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Death: 26 September 1859 Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Remarks: Moses, along with two brothers, John and Jarvis moved from Attleborough, Massachusetts to Newport, New Hampshire in the late 1780s. They were farmers, who lived on Pike Hill. Moses and Nancy had children: Phenihas, Moses, Sarah, Hannah, David, Ephraim, Nancy, Henry and Calvin.

Generation #5

Name: Ephraim PIKE
Birth: 26 December 1798 Newport, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Death: 18 October 1865 New Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Lucy CROSSMAN
Birth: about June 1793 either Eden, Vermont or Unity, New Hampshire
Death: 22 or 23 October 1882 Newport, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Remarks: Ephraim and Lucy had sons Francis and Ruel. Two other sons, Ephraim and George, died young. Lucy also had sons Abial D. PIKE and Sullivan G. PIKE from her first marriage to Ephraim's first cousin, Abial PIKE, son of John PIKE.

Generation #4

Name: Francis Harvey PIKE
Birth: 1 October 1824 Newport, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Marriage: 25 December 1842 Claremont, Sullivan, New Hampshire
Death: 16 December 1903 Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Mary Lucretia SHOLES
Birth: 9 May 1820 Claremont, Cheshire, New Hampshire
Death: 19 April 1888 Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Remarks: Francis and Mary moved from Newport to Manchester about 1845. They had children: Agnes, Frank, Edwin, Ida, William and Lucy. Francis was known by the nickname, Saxie. He was a prominent drum major. The following are headlines taken from the Manchester Union newspaper on Thursday, December 17, 1903: "MAJOR 'SAXIE' PIKE NO MORE Famous Drum Major Passed Away Last Evening. HIS DEATH WAS SUDDEN Was Almost Eighty Years Old and Had Resided in Manchester the Greater Part of His Life--in His Prime, No Drum Major in the Country Ever Equalled Him."

Generation #3

Name: William F. PIKE
Birth: 3 October 1855 Manchester, Hillsborough, New Hampshire
Marriage: 26 September 1892 New York, New York
Death: after December 1906
Spouse/Partner: Anna (Annie) Sophia GELDERT
Birth: 10 October 1862 Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Death: 27 October 1937 Palm Beach, Florida
Remarks: William and Annie had two sons, Irma Lynton and Winfield Lawrence. William had been married twice previously. He married first, Carrie J. WRIGHT, 26 October 1876, in Lowell, Massachusetts; and second, Maria A. EVERETT of Plympton, Nova Scotia, 2 May 1880, in Newport, New Hampshire. William and Maria had a son, Lynton Irma PIKE, who died at age 2.

Generation #2

Name: Irma Lynton PIKE
Birth: 23 June 1893 New York, New York
Marriage: about 1920
Death: 12 July 1939 Staten Island, Richmond, New York
Spouse/Partner: Helen Frances DONAT
Birth: 2 December 1892 Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York
Death: 5 March 1935 Plainview, Nassau, New York
Remarks: They had one child: Gilbert Lawrence.

Generation #1

Name: Gilbert Lawrence PIKE
(Participant 62731)
Spouse/Partner: Living
Remarks: Gilbert Lawrence PIKE is the father of Maureen PIKE GRETO (Participant 62731).