Wessex Tales

The following message was received from Robert Fripp on 28 March 2016:

Members of the Wessex Society of Newfoundland may like to know that the title “Wessex Tales” rides again, many years after Thomas Hardy’s demise. I have written 40 short stories, many of which are set in North Dorset; the stories are arranged in two books, “Wessex Tales Volume 1″, and “Wessex Tales Volume 2″ (20 in each book).

Your members can read background on all these stories on my website — http://robertfripp.ca/wessex-tales/ .

I cannot claim that any of my stories relate to Newfoundland. They come, as do I, from the English side of the Atlantic. I have lived in Canada for many years. However, some people may be interested in my tales. Volumes are available for purchase in Canada from Amazon.ca and from Indigo (https://www.chapters.indigo.ca/en-ca ). The easiest way to find the books on these sites is to type this Search Term — “Wessex Tales Fripp” — into the Search Box on Amazon and Indigo pages.

With my best wishes,

Robert Fripp