S.S. Daisy Legal History Committee Book Launch

Members of the Wessex Society may be interested in the following book launch:

The S.S. Daisy Legal History Committee invites the public to the launch of the following three books:

  • Reprint of the rare E. M. Archibald, Digest of the Laws of Newfoundland (1847), Christopher P. Curran, editor, with additional relevant documents and analysis;
  • Christopher P. Curran, Q.C., ed., Southern Circuit Court at Ferryland: The Documentary Record 1826-1872, with an introduction, notes and other relevant material; and
  • Melvin Baker, Jerry Bannister and Christopher Curran, eds., Essays on the Legal History of Newfoundland and Labrador Before Confederation.
The launch of these three books with book signings, meet and greet, food and beverages will take place at the Law Society of NL in Convocation Hall, 196-198 Water Street at 7 pm on 05 Dec 2019. Former Chief Justice of the NL Court of Appeal, Justice J. Derek Green, will be the master of ceremonies for the event