Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in our goals. Lectures are free and open to the general public. Members are encouraged to invite friends and relatives and especially anyone visiting from around or outside the province. The Society encourages members to pay a nominal fee of $10.00 per year and to register so that they can be informed of our lecture schedules and activities.

To register for membership in the Wessex Society, please contact our Secretary, Glenys Woodland, at, expressing your interest and providing your email address. Your name will be added to our membership list. Members of the Society are contacted directly by email monthly with detailed information about the upcoming lectures.

You may submit the membership fee by e-transfer to our email address: If you are unable to make an electronic transfer, then you may wish to send a cheque, payable to the Wessex Society, by regular mail to the Secretary-Treasurer, Glenys Woodland, 43 Hopedale Crescent, St. John’s, NL A1B 0B3.

Since it was founded in 1984 the registered membership of our Society has held steady at about 250 annually.