The Wessex Society is a Newfoundland and Labrador cultural organisation formed to promote knowledge of and an appreciation for our English-Wessex ancestry, and also to celebrate our other ethno-cultural traditions.

The Society was founded by Dr. Otto Tucker, with the support of like-minded friends and colleagues such as Dr. Keith Matthews, Dr. M.O. Morgan, Dr. Cyril Poole, Canon George Earle, Dr. Arthur Scammell, Dr. Harry Cuff, and Dr. Leslie Harris.

The Wessex Society achieves its goals mainly by sponsoring public lectures by scholars, authors, journalists, and others who have interesting stories to tell about our social history and culture, our environment, our economy, and our community life.

Since its founding the Society has sponsored seven presentations annually to large and enthusiastic audiences on a variety of topics dealing with these above subjects. The executive members have been greatly inspired by the keen and sustained interest in these lectures.

While the Society has been treated to many scholarly talks, its main concern has never been purely theoretical or academic. Its primary aim is the dissemination of sound historical knowledge to general audiences, inspired by the conviction expressed in these words by Edmund Burke: “People who would know themselves must first look back to their ancestors.”

Contact Infomation:

The society can be reached through its Secretary Treasurer at (709) 739-6391 or by email at wessexsocietynl@gmail.com

Mail can be addressed to: Secretary, Wessex Society, 43 Hopedale Crescent, St. John’s, NL A1B 0B3