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Mathematics 3260: Ordinary Differential Equations I (Spring 2013)

In Math 1001, you learned about ordinary differential equations (ODEs): equations which involve an unknown function and its derivatives. At the time, you were exposed to very simple methods for solving ODEs, which essentially amounted to using integration directly. In Math 3260, we'll explore techniques for solving more complicated differential equations, concentrating on ODEs which involve first and second derivatives. We'll examine some applications of ODEs, as well. Although Math 3260 is chiefly a computational course, we'll also give some consideration to the theory behind the existence and uniqueness of solutions to these equations.

On this page, you'll be able to download course handouts (including assignments, tests and solutions). If there is a disruption to the class schedule -- because of weather, for instance -- you should check this page for news relating to modified due dates and the like. Corrections to any errors on assignments or worksheets will also be posted here... although I'll try my best not to make any!

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  • This course has now concluded. Best of luck in your future studies.

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