Paternal Pedigree for Participant 95077

Generation #5

Name: William PIKE
Death: about 1859
Spouse/Partner: Eliza Ann
Remarks: William and Eliza Ann had children: Lewis, George, Ardelina, Jane, Lucretia, and Henrietta.

William's son George filed a petition regarding William's estate in 1899 (click here for details).

Generation #4

Name: George PIKE
Birth: about 1823
Death: 21 August 1911 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Spouse/Partner: Mary
Birth: about 1838
Death: 8 January 1920 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Remarks: George and Mary had children: William, Richard, John, Reuben, Albert Edward, Harriet Williams, Cephas Henry, and Susannah from about 1858 to 1878.

Generation #3

Name: William PIKE
Birth: 1858 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Marriage: 03 June 1883 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
Death: 22 November 1923 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Spouse/Partner: Mary Ann BABB
Birth: 1859
Death: 10 July 1898 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Remarks: William and Mary Ann had children: Reuben (1884), George William (1885), Mabel (1887), Annie Ethel (1889), James Cephas (1891), James Arthur (1894), and Harold Percival (1895).

McAlpine's 1904 Directory lists William as a truckman and living on English Hill, Carbonear.

William's father George is named both in the entry for William in McAlpine's 1904 Directory, and also in William's marriage record.

Generation #2

Name: Harold Percival PIKE
Birth: 16 January 1895 Carbonear, Newfoundland
Marriage: 23 August 1920 Halifax, Nova Scotia
Death: 09 July 1958 Lachine, Quebec
Spouse/Partner: Mary Ann VALLIS
Birth: 17 September 1893 Ramea, Newfoundland
Death: 14 May 1988 Pointe Claire, Quebec
Remarks: Harold lived on English Hill Road in Carbonear in 1916. The house and farmland were sold by his brother James about 1950.

Generation #1

Name: Percival H. PIKE
(Participant 95077)
Birth: 10 February 1925 Lachine, Quebec
Death: 12 January 2015