Paternal Pedigree for Participant 251195

Generation #10

Name: John PIKE
Birth: about 1648
Marriage: about 1667
Death: 01 October 1681 St. Mary Aldermary, London, England
Spouse/Partner: Emma BLOUNT
Birth: about 1650
Death: 08 June 1718 North Carolina
Remarks: John and Emma had children: Catherine (1668), Emma (1671), Robert (1672), Africa (1673), John (1674), Edward (1676), Elizabeth (1677), Samuel (1678), and Mary (1680). Catherine was baptised at St Giles Cripplegate, London, on 02 August 1668; the remaining children were all baptised at St Mary Aldermary, London.

Emma, along with her daughter Africa and son Samuel, settled in Pasquotank County, North Carolina.

Generation #9

Name: Samuel PIKE
Death: 11 December 1716 Pasquotank County, North Carolina
Spouse/Partner: Jane
Remarks: Samuel and Jane had five children: Samuel, Benjamin, John, Susannah, Ann.

Generation #8

Name: John PIKE
Birth: 14 April 1702 Pasquotank County, North Carolina
Marriage: 4 September 1731
Death: 15 January 1774 Cane Creek MM, Snow Camp, North Carolina
Spouse/Partner: Abigail OVERMAN
Remarks: John and Abigail had 9 children: Sarah, Ann, Susanna, Elizabeth, twins named John & Samuel, Ruth, Rachel, Nathan.

Generation #7

Name: Samuel PIKE
Birth: 21 November 1741 Frederick County, Virginia
Death: 1820
Spouse/Partner: Susannah WARD
Remarks: Samuel and Susannah had 5 children: Rebeckah, Samuel, and 3 other daughters.

Generation #6

Name: Samuel PIKE Junior
Birth: 1784
Marriage: 1810
Death: 1824
Spouse/Partner: Susannah DAVIDSON
Birth: 1787
Remarks: Samuel and Susannah had 7 children: Joel, Alfred, Mary, Ruth, William, Jemima, and another daughter.

Generation #5

Name: William PIKE
Birth: 25 December 1818 Orange County, North Carolina
Marriage: 19 January 1860
Death: 10 April 1898 Hendricks County, Indiana
Spouse/Partner: Nancy MOON
Death: 28 December 1873 Hendricks County, Indiana
Remarks: William married 3 times and had 7 children.

Generation #4

Name: Jesse Cassius PIKE
Birth: 14 May 1861 Plainfield, Indiana
Marriage: 16 February 1886 Plainfield, Indiana
Death: 17 February 1916 Plainfield, Indiana
Spouse/Partner: Laura L. GUNN
Birth: 26 July 1871 Plainfield, Indiana
Death: 4 March 1937 Plainfield, Indiana
Remarks: Jesse and Laura had three children: Chester, John Virgil, Caroline Nancy.

Generation #3

Name: John Virgil PIKE
Birth: Plainfield, Indiana
Marriage: 24 June 1914 Plainfield, Indiana
Death: 28 March 1963 Plainfield, Indiana
Spouse/Partner: Gladys E. HADLEY
Birth: 24 September 1891 Nebraska City, Nebraska
Death: 25 February 1921 Plainfield, Indiana
Remarks: John and Gladys had one child: Jesse Charles.

Generation #2

Name: Jesse Charles PIKE
Birth: 19 May 1915 Plainfield, Indiana
Marriage: 27 June Indianapolis, Indiana
Death: 4 March 1993 Indianapolis, Indiana
Spouse/Partner: Martha BACH
Birth: 27 June 1917 Bloomfield, Indiana
Death: 1989 Indianapolis, Indiana

Generation #1

Name: Stephen PIKE
(Participant 251195)