Paternal Pedigree for Participant 208808

Generation #5

Name: Edward T. PRITCHARD
Birth: about 1841 Withington, Herefordshire
Spouse/Partner: Sarah
Birth: about 1838 Glasbury, Radnorshire
Remarks: The 1871 census lists the following at Glasbury, Breconshire, Wales:
   William Davies		head		58	Postmaster		Breconshire Glasbury
   Elizabeth Davies		sister		51				Breconshire Glasbury
   Edward T Pritchard		nephew in law	29	Builder			Herefordshire Withington
   Sarah Pritchard		niece		32	Wife of Ed T Pritchard	Radnorshire Glasbury
   Jane Elizabeth Pritchard	niece's daur	 5				Breconshire Glasbury
   William David Pritchard	niece's son	 3				Breconshire Glasbury
   Elizabeth Sarah Pritchard	niece's daur	 8m				Breconshire Glasbury
The 1881 census lists the following at The Post Office, Glasbury, Breconshire, Wales:
   Edward T Pritchard		head		39	Builder			Hereford Withington
   Sarah Pritchard		wife		43	Post Mistress		Radnorshire Glasbury
   Jane E Pritchard		daur		15				Breconshire Glasbury
   William Pritchard		son		13 	Scholar			Breconshire Glasbury
   Elizabeth Pritchard		daur		10 	Scholar			Breconshire Glasbury
   John Pritchard		son		 7				Breconshire Glasbury
   Arthur Pritchard		son		 4				Breconshire Glasbury
   Ernest Pritchard		son		 3				Breconshire Glasbury
   Mary Pritchard		daur		 8m				Breconshire Glasbury
   William Davies		boarder		68				Breconshire Glsabury
The 1891 census lists the following at The Post Office, Glasbury, Breconshire, Wales:
   Edward Thos Pritchard	head		54	Builder			Hereford Whington
   Sarah Pritchard		wife		50				Radnor Glasbury
   Elizth Sarah Pritchard	daughter	20	Telegraphist		Brecon Glasbury
   John Ed Pritchard		son		17	Carpenter		Brecon Glasbury
   Arthur Thomas Pritchard	son		15	Scholar			Brecon Glasbury
   Mary Emma Pritchard		daughter	10	Scholar			Brecon Glasbury
   Ernest David Pritchard	son		13	Scholar			Brecon Glasbury
The 1901 census lists the following at Glasbury, Radnorshire:
   Edward T Pritchard		head		59	Farmer			Hereford
   Sarah Pritchard		wife		63				Radnor Glasbury
   William D Pritchard		son		33	Farmer's son		Radnor Glasbury
   Emma M Pritchard		daur		20				Radnor Glasbury
   Thomas J Morgan 	    	grandson 	 4				Radnor Glasbury

Generation #4

Name: John Edward PRITCHARD
Birth: about 1874
Death: 25 September 1898 Western Hospital, Fulham, London
Spouse/Partner: Lucy Fanny PYKE
Birth: 15 July 1871 Pimlico, St George, Hanover Square, London
Death: 2 August 1951 St George's Hospital, Tooting, London
Remarks: John's death certificate states that he died of acute tuberculosis. He was aged 24 and was a "carpenter (journeyman)" of 35 Sulgrave Road, Hammersmith. In attendance was E.T. Pritchard, of The Post Office, Glasbury, Breconshire.

Generation #3

Name: John Pritchard PYKE
Birth: 1 March 1897 East Battersea, London
Death: 23 September 1973 Aldershot, Hampshire
Remarks: John married twice, to Annie WOODAGE (1895-1933) and to Justine MARTIN (1910-1993).

Generation #2

Name: John PYKE
Birth: 28 June 1921 Fulham, London
Death: March 2000 Epsom, Surrey

Generation #1

Name: Michael PYKE
(Participant 208808)
Death: January 2015