Paternal Pedigree for Participant 197443

Generation #9

Name: Hugh PIKE
Birth: 1657 Newbury, Massachusetts
Death: 1727 Newbury, Massacusetts
Spouse/Partner: Sarah BROWN
Birth: 1663
Death: before 1691
Remarks: Hugh and Sarah had 3 children: Hugh, Joseph, Mary.

Hugh remarried to Mary WOODIES and had children: Johanna, Solomon, Joshua.

Generation #8

Name: Hugh PIKE
Birth: 1686
Marriage: 1715
Death: 1747
Spouse/Partner: Hannah EMMERSON
Remarks: Hugh was first married in 1714 to Hannah KELLY.

Generation #7

Name: James PIKE
Birth: 1725 Haverhill, Massachusetts
Marriage: about 1746
Death: 1811 or 1834
Spouse/Partner: Anne GEORGE
Birth: 1728
Death: 1800

Generation #6

Name: James PIKE
Birth: 1752 Haverhill, Massachusetts
Marriage: 1776
Death: 1837
Spouse/Partner: Alice GEORGE
Birth: 1756
Death: 1837
Remarks: James' name appears in the list of soldiers of the revolution from Salisbury and he was wounded in the battle of Bunker Hill. He was also at the alarm of Concord and Lexington, the first battles of the revolutionary war.

James and Alice had 12 children: Hannah, Rebecca, Alice, Simeon, Sally, James, Stephen, Hugh, Samuel, Lydia, Polly, and Rufus.

Generation #5

Name: Samuel PIKE (Major)
Birth: 1795
Death: 1867
Spouse/Partner: Betsey BROWN
Birth: 1787
Death: 1836
Remarks: Samuel and Betsey had children: Samuel George, Lydia, Elmire, Mary.

Samuel remarried to Hannah WELLS, by whom he had children: Augusta, John, Charles, Polly.

Samuel remarried again, to Polly CLARK, by whom he had children: Anna, Warren David, Clara Alice.

Generation #4

Name: Samuel George PIKE
Birth: 1829 Franklin, New Hampshire
Marriage: 30 June 1850 New Hampshire
Death: New Hampshire New Hampshire
Spouse/Partner: Aroline French CLARK
Birth: 22 September 1827 Franklin, New Hampshire
Death: 1877 New Hampshire
Remarks: Children of Samuel and Aroline are: Daniel Webster (1853), Fanny (1858), George Albert (1859-1860), Charles Alfred (-1860), George Alfred (1860).

Generation #3

Name: Daniel Webster PIKE
Birth: 1853 New Hampshire
Marriage: 1878 Franklin, New Hampshire
Death: 23 September 1923 Kansas
Spouse/Partner: Sarah JENKINS
Birth: 1855 England
Death: 1932
Remarks: Some of the children of Daniel and Sarah are: Pearl Sarah (born in 1882 in Kansas City), George (1884), Lawrence Daniel (1887), and Aroline Flora (1890).

Generation #2

Name: George PIKE
Birth: 26 November 1884
Death: 1950
Spouse/Partner: Johannah EGGERT
Birth: 1909
Death: 1983

Generation #1

Name: Ralph PIKE
(Participant 197443)