Paternal Pedigree for Participant 194314

Generation #10

Name: William PICKE
Marriage: 26 June 1669 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Alice PRATER
Remarks: William appears to have been the father of: William (bapt 1670), John (bapt 1671), Joseph (bapt 1673), Isaac (bapt 1676), Ruth (bapt 1678) and Thomas (bapt 1680)

Generation #9

Name: Isaac PIKE
Birth: about 1670
Marriage: 16 November 1699 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Death: 26 May 1752 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Mary MALLARD
Death: 01 December 1708 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Remarks: Isaac's birth year of about 1670 is based on his age being given as 65 in a 1735/36 census, as noted on this website.

There is a baptism in the Tetbury records listed on the IGI for an Isaac PIEKE (son of William) on 23 November 1676.

Isaac and Mary had children: Thomas (1700), Isaac (1702), Joseph (1705), John (1708).

Isaac appears to remarry on 02 October 1709 to Ann PURS.

Generation #8

Name: Isaac PIKE
Birth: 15 April 1702 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Marriage: 05 April 1724 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Death: 27 February 1787 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Anne AISH
Death: 08 January 1746 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Remarks: As noted on this website, Isaac and Anne had children: Mary (1724), Isaac (1725), John (1726), James (1728), Sarah (1729), Anne (1730), Anne (1732), Elizabeth (1733), Betty (1734), Ruth (1735), Anne (1737), Jane (1739), Isaac (1740), and twins Jane and Sarah (1742).

Isaac appears to remarry on 31 October 1748 to a widow Elizabeth BRASSINGTON.

Generation #7

Name: James PIKE
Birth: bapt 26 Feb 1726/27 Tetbury, Gloucestershire
Marriage: 16 April 1760 St. Philip & St. Jacob, Bristol
Spouse/Partner: Sarah LOVE (nee BARTLEY)
Remarks: James PIKE, tyler and plasterer, was made a Bristol Burgess on 23rd. June 1760. His qualification to become a Bristol Burgess was because he had married Sarah, the widow of glassman Thomas LOVE. Sarah's first husband had also become a Bristol Burgess through her. Thomas LOVE, glassman, was made a Bristol Burgess on 27th. June 1747 because his wife, Sarah, was daughter of Bristol Burgess, John BARTLEY, a mason.

There are baptisms for children of James PIKE at the church of St. Philip & St. Jacob, but the mother's name wasn't recorded:

  • Sophia, 24th. March 1761, address recorded as Old Market.
  • James PIKE, 2nd. April 1762
  • Isaac PIKE, 11th. November 1763
  • John PIKE, 29th. August 1765
  • Thomas PIKE, 1st. May 1768
The four sons (James, Isaac, John and Thomas) were made Bristol Burgesses because their father, James PIKE, a tiler and plasterer, was a Bristol Burgess.

Generation #6

Name: Thomas PIKE
Birth: about 1768
Death: 7 Dec 1845 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Catherine SERLES/SEARLES
Birth: about 1773
Death: 8 March 1857 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Remarks: The 1841 census lists the following at Stokes Croft, St Paul, Bristol, in what appears to be the same home as the family of John Moss (a Tiler, age 30, with a wife named Sophia):
   Thomas Pike		70 	Ind
   Kitty Pike		60 	Ind
Thomas Pike, painter, age 77, died of old age at 68 Stokes Croft on 7 Dec 1845. J.B.Moss (a painter) is recorded as having been present.

Catherine Pike, age 84, widow of Thomas Pike (tiler and plasterer) died at 45 Stokes Croft on 8 March 1857. Sophia Moss is recorded as having been present.

Generation #5

Name: James PIKE
Birth: baptised 18 Nov 1792 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Marriage: 26 January 1812 St Pauls, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Death: 1 May 1859 Stapleton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Jane WEBB
Birth: about 1794 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Death: 19 January 1867 Stapleton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Remarks: Parish records from Holy Trinity, Stapleton, list baptisms for children of James & Jane Pike as follows:
  10 Jan 1814	  John Webb 
  09 May 1819     Jane
  26 May 1822	  Thomas 
  21 Nov 1824	  Catharine
  08 Jul 1827	  Amelia
  18 Apr 1830 	  Henry
  24 Feb 1833	  Clara
The 1841 census lists the following at Stapleton, Gloucestershire:
  James Pike                            45      Painter                 not born in the county
  Jane Pike                             45                              born in the county
  Thomas Pike                           15                              born in the county
  Henry Pike                            10                              born in the county
  James Skinner                          3                              not born in the county
The 1851 census lists the following at 12 Redcliff Hill, St Mary Redcliff, Bristol:
  Charles Sleep         head      mar   32      Draper                  Ashton Somerset
  Amelia Sleep          wife      mar   23      Draper wife             Stapleton Gloucestershire
  Matilda Frend         neice           14      Assistant               Bedminster Somerset
  Jane Pike             mother    mar   57      Visitor                 Bristol Gloucsterhire
  Caroline Grant        neice            5      Visitor                 Stapleton Gloucestershire
The 1851 census also lists the following at Stapleton, Gloucestershire:
  James Pyke            head      mar   60      House Painter           Glos Bristol
  Henry Pike            son             21      House Painter           Glos Stapleton

Generation #4

Name: Thomas PIKE
Birth: baptised 26 May 1822 Holy Trinity, Stapleton, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Marriage: 25 August 1844 St Paul, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Death: 5 January 1909 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Mary Elizabeth COWLISHAW
Birth: about 1822 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Death: 21 August 1905
Remarks: Thomas & Mary's marriage record states that he was a bachelor, painter, resident on Newfoundland St, son of James PIKE (painter) and that Mary was a spinster, also resident on Newfoundland St, daughter of John COWLISHAW (tailor). Their marriage was witnessed by James BACON and George COLES.

The 1851 census lists the following at Stapleton, Gloucestershire:

  Thos Pyke             head            28      House Painter           Glos Stapleton
  Mary Pyke             wife            28                              Glos Bristol
  Jemima Pyke           daur             5      Scholar                 Glos Bristol
  Fredric Pyke          son              3                              Glos Stapleton
  Ruth Pyke             daur            11m                             Glos Stapleton
The 1861 census lists the following two consecutive households at Stapleton Village, Gloucestershire:
  Elizabeth Burchell    head     widow  67      Schoolmistress          Badmington Gloucestershire
  Jane Pike             visitor  widow  67                              Stapleton Gloucestershire

  Thomas Pike           head     mar    39      Painter & Glazier       St James Bristol Gloucestershire
  Mary E Pike           wife     mar    39                              St James Bristol Gloucestershire
  Jemima Pike           daur            15      Dressmaker              St James Bristol Gloucestershire
  Frederick Pike        son             13      Scholar                 Stapleton Gloucestershire
  Ruth Pike             son             10      Scholar                 Stapleton Gloucestershire
  Henry Pike            son              9      Scholar                 Stapleton Gloucestershire
  Amelia Pike           daur             7      Scholar                 Stapleton Gloucestershire
  Alfred Pike           son              4                              Stapleton Gloucestershire
  Thomas Pike           son              2                              Stapleton Gloucestershire
  Mary J Pike           daur             2week                          Stapleton Gloucestershire
The 1871 census lists the following at Hill Side Cottage, Stapleton, Gloucestershire:
  Thomas Pike           head    49      Painter                 Gloucestershire, Stapleton
  Mary E Pike           wife    49                              Gloucestershire, Bristol
  Amelia Pike           daur    17      Landress                Gloucestershire, Stapleton
  Alfred Pike           son     14      Painter                 Gloucestershire, Stapleton
  Thomas Pike           son     12      Scholar                 Gloucestershire, Stapleton
  Mary J Pike           daur    10      Scholar                 Gloucestershire, Stapleton
  Emily Pike            daur     7      Scholar                 Gloucestershire, Stapleton
The 1881 census lists the following at Blackbery Hill, Stapleton, Gloucestershire:
  Thos Pike             head    60      Painter                 Stapleton Gloshire
  Mary E Pike           wife    60      Painter wife            Stapleton Gloshire
  Alfd Pike             son     24      Painter                 Stapleton Gloshire
  Thos Pike             son     22      Painter                 Stapleton Gloshire
  Emily Pike            daur    17
The 1891 census lists the following at 8 Ridgway Rd, Stapleton, Gloucestershire:
  Thomas Pike           head    70      Painter                 Glos Stapleton
  Mary E Pike           wife    70                              Glos Bristol
The 1901 census lists the following at Channon's Hill, St Mary Fishponds, Bristol:
  Thomas Pike           head    79      House Decorator         Glo's Stapleton
  Mary E Pike           wife    79                              Glo's Bristol

Generation #3

Name: Thomas PIKE
Birth: 1859 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Marriage: 20 March 1882 Holy Trinity St Philip, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Olive HIGGS
Birth: 1862 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Remarks: The 1891 census lists the following at 2 Parker's Cottages, Stapleton, Gloucestershire:
  Thomas Pike           head    30      House Painter           Gloucestersh Stapleton
  Sarah Olave Pike      wife    27      Laundress               Gloucestersh Stapleton
  Alfred J Pike         son      9      Scholar                 Gloucestersh Downend
  Florence Pike         daur     8      Scholar                 Gloucestersh Eastville
  Maud M Pike           daur     6      Scholar                 Gloucestersh Eastville
  Thomas T Pike         son      3      Scholar                 Gloucestersh Fishponds
  Emily J Pike          daur     2m                             Gloucestersh Fishponds
The 1901 census lists the following at RiverView, Stapleton, Gloucestershire:
  Thomas Pike           head    40      House Painter                   Stapleton Bristol
  Olive Pike            wife    39                                      Downend Glos
  Maud Pike             daur    15      Charing                         Fishponds Bristol
  Thomas Pike           son     13      Market Gardeners Laborer        Fishponds Bristol
  Emily Pike            daur    10                                      Stapleton Bristol
  Harold Pike           son      9                                      Stapleton Bristol
  Ivon Pike             son      5                                      Stapleton Bristol
  Blanche Pike          daur     2                                      Stapleton Bristol
  Percy Pike            son      1m                                     Stapleton Bristol

Generation #2

Name: Iven Victory PIKE
Birth: 31 July 1895 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Death: 1982 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Spouse/Partner: Gladis Blanch WILLIAMS
Birth: 1901 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Death: 1992 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Generation #1

Name: Robert PIKE
(Participant 194314)