The Pike DNA Project aims to take advantage of genealogical DNA tests to help pursue Pike family history research. By determining the genetic signature of each Pike family line's Y-chromosome, it is possible to tell which Pike families are related and which are not. In turn, this can enable us to determine the origin of each Pike family. We invite all Pike family lines to participate, no matter where, and no matter how young or well established they may be. Additionally, we welcome all variants of the Pike surname, including Pyke and others.

Based on DNA results from 254 project members from around the world, we have so far discovered that there are over 50 distinct Pike families (at least 25 in the British Isles alone), each with its own genetic profile. A list of Pike genetic clusters appears at the top of our webpage that explains the DNA Test Results that are currently available. We also maintain a map that shows the earliest known geographical origins of the Pike families represented in our project, whereas this other map (shown to the right) illustrates the concentration of Pike families in England, Scotland and Wales at the time of the 1881 census.

This project is voluntarily coordinated by David Pike and Stuart Pike. We can be reached by email by clicking here.

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How You Can Help

If you are a male Pike (or you're in touch with one who can provide a DNA sample) then join the project, as we are always in need of more participants so that we can build a more complete genetic survey of Pike family lines. Alternatively, if you have Pike friends or relatives then spreading word about this project and encouraging more Pikes to participate would be a big help.

Getting more families represented in the project will help us all to better understand the history of the Pike surname. This is particularly important in cases where a family line is on the verge of "daughtering out" or otherwise having its direct male line go extinct (note that Y-chromosomes are only found in men, so if all the Pike men in a family pass away without having sons, then there is no way for us to later determine the family's genetic signature).

We are especially keen to engage with more Pikes in the British Isles, as there are many Pike lines there that remain unrepresented.

Moreover, we have a Sponsorship Fund which we occasionally use to help subsidise DNA tests for qualifying newcomers to our project. If you can't directly provide DNA for analysis, then you might instead donate towards this fund. Even small amounts help.

Contact Information

The project's volunteer coordinators can be reached by email as follows:

David can also be reached by post at his work address:
    David A. Pike
    Department of Mathematics and Statistics
    Memorial University of Newfoundland
    St. John's, Newfoundland
    Canada. A1C 5S7
while Stuart can be reached at:
    Stu Pike
    411 Walnut St #6835
    Green Cove Springs, Florida

We are members of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy:

Also, David is a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies: