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Technical Writing in Mathematics 

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A few remarks about software

    LaTeX-oriented integrated environments (editors)
    • In the computer lab and more generally, on computers running UNIX/Linux operating systems, the recommended editor is Kile.
    • A similar Windows-based environment is TeXnicCenter (free software).
      Alternatively, you may consider WinEdit (30 days trial period, then has to be purchased; inexpensive)
      or a full-blown commercial editor Scientific Word with integrated LaTeX.
    • On Mac OS, a good option is TeXShop. Click that link, go to the "Obtaining" page and follow instructions. Alternately just click here to dowload everything you need (the total file is over a gigabyte so you will need to be patient).

    Command-line LaTeXing (in a UNIX terminal window)
    • latex filename.tex (create dvi file). To quit in the case of errors, press "x" or "Ctrl-C"
    • xdvi filename.dvi (view dvi file)
    • dvips filename.dvi (convert dvi to ps)
    • gv filename.ps (invoke Ghostview to view Postscript file)
    • ps2pdf filename.ps (convert ps to pdf)
    • acroread filename.pdf (invoke Acrobat Reader to view PDF file)
    • A PDF file can be created directly from a LaTeX file by the command pdflatex filename.tex. However, this command does not properly process encapsulated postscript graphics. There is a little trick to bypass the problem.

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    The Elements of Style by William Strunk    ``gives in brief space the principal requirements of plain English style and concentrates attention on the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated''

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