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Short Biography
Work Experience
Tarun Sheel
Teaching Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics & Statistics (Math)
Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN)
St. John's, NL A1C 5S7,CANADA
Tel. +1 (709) 864 3471
Fax. +1 (709) 864 3010

Winter 2024
Math 1000 - Calculus I
Math 2090 - Mathematics of Finance
Fall 2023
Math 1000 - Calculus I
CIV 3440-002 - Mathematics for Civil Engineering I
Winter 2023
Math 2000 - Calculus III
Math 1090 - Algebra & Trigonometry
Math 2090 - Mathematics of Finance
Fall 2022
Math 2000 - Calculus III
Math 109A - Intro Algebra & Trig.
CIV 3440-001 - Mathematics for Civil Engineering I
Math 1090 - Algebra & Trigonometry
Winter 2022
Math 1000-003 - Calculus I
Math 1090-001 - Algebra & Trigonometry
Math 2090-001 - Mathematics of Finance
Fall 2021
Math 1090-001/002/003/081 - Algebra & Trigonometry
Fall 2019
Math 1000 - Calculus I
Math 1090 - Algebra & Trigonometry
Winter 2019
Math 1000-001/056 - Calculus I
Fall 2018
Math 1000-001/002 - Calculus I
Math 1090-002 - Algebra & Trigonometry
Winter 2018
Math 1000-002 - Calculus I
Math 1001-003/005 - Calculus II
Fall 2017
Math 1000-002/056 - Calculus I
Math 1090-002 - Algebra & Trigonometry
Winter 2017
Math 1000-003 - Calculus I
Math 1001-002/004 - Calculus II

Short biography

Before moving at MUN (Math), I was working as an assistant professor in mathematics at Trent University (Trent), Peterborough, ON in 2014-15 academic year. I also worked as a sessional instructor and research associate at the University of Windsor (UWind), Windsor, Canada from September 2012 to August 2014. Before moving to Canada I was a full time faculty in mathematics of Shahjalal University of Science & Technology (SUST), Sylhet, Bangladesh from August 1998 to August 2013. I also worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium from April 2009 to June 2010. Following then I worked as a researcher in the Unviersity of Rostock (Uni-Rostock), Germany from July to December 2010. I obtained PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Keio University (KEIO), Japan. I completed BSc(Hons.) in Mathematics and MSc (Thesis) in Applied Mathematics from University of Dhaka (DU), Bangladesh.

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Calculus (differential, integral, multivariable), Vector Calculus, Differential Equations (ODE & PDE) with Boundary Value Problems, Numerical Analysis/Methods, Mathematical Programming (linear & nonlinear), Linear Algebra(Elementary and Vector Space), Scientific Computing (Serial & Parallel), Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Mathematical Modeling, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Ocean Dynamics & Modeling and so on.

MUN (Since 2015)

Math 1000 - Calculus I
Math 1001 - Calculus II
Math 2000 - Calculus III
Math 1090 - Algebra and Trigonometry
Math 1050 - Finite Mathematics I
Math 109A - Introduction to Algebra and Trig.
Math 2090 - Mathematics of Finance
Stat 2500 - Statistics for Business and Arts Students
CIV 3440 - Mathematics for Civil Engineering I

IAUSS, China (Primary: Online)(2017-)
Math 101 - Calculus I

Trent University(2014-15)
Math 2120H - Calculus III - Vector Calculus
Math 3150H - Linear Algebra II - Vector Space
Math 3370H - Analysis II - Complex Analysis
Math 2110H - Calculus II - Calculus of Several Variables
Math 3150H - Linear Programming
Math 3350H - Partial Differential Equations

Windsor University (2012-2014)
Math 215 - Vector Calculus
PHY 350-1 - Classical mechanics-1

SUST (1998-2012)
Math 112 - Calculus I
Math 121 - Linear Algebra
Math 122 - Calculus II
Math 123 - Basic Algebra
Math 212 - Differential Equations I
Math 213 - Calculus III
Math 222 - Complex Analysis
Math 312 - Discrete Mathematics
Math 315 - FORTRAN Programming
Math 324 - Mathematical Methods
Math 326 - Numerical Analysis
Math 414 - Mathematical Programming
Math 418 - Computational Fluid Dynamics
Math 423 - Differential Equations II
Math 425 - Numerical Methods for Boundary Value Problems

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Areas of Research

Scientific Computing, Scalable Methods for Healthcare Systems, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Mesh Free Methods (e.g. Vortex Method), Grid Method (e.g. FDM, FVM, FEM), Fast Multipole Method (FMM), Parallel Mesh Generation and Adaptation, Fluid Flow Simulations with Complex Geometries (e.g., Landing Gear, 3D wing), Fluid-Structure Interaction, Scour Reduction at the bed of the Brdge Pier (Sharp-edged and cylindrical), Heat Transfer (eg. Borehole Heat Exchanger), Ocean Modeling, Submarine Landslides (Geotechnical Engineering).

Research Overview
Scour Reduction at the bed of the Bridge Pier (On-going Research)

Three-dimensional numerical simulations using RANS k-ω SST model have been carried out to evaluate the shallow flow past a wall-mounted bluff body. A sharp-edged bluff body is used with and without a front mounted rectangular splitter plate. An approaching flow with fully developed boundary layer is employed to model the effect of shallow flow. The splitter plate facilitates the breakdown of the horseshoe vortex which consequently has a strong influence on the wake flow. The wake flow characteristic are examined and compared at different downstream locations to evaluate the effect of the splitter plate. The simulation results have been compared with and without the splitter plate, and the potential impact on bridge pier scour is explored.

Fast Vortex Methods (PhD Research)

In PhD research, the fully mesh less vortex method (VM) has been used to simulate high Reynolds number turbulent flows. Thesis title is Development of a Fast Vortex Method for Fluid Flow Simulation using Special-Purpose Computers. The VM calculation has been accelerated by a factor of 1000 without loss of numerical accuracy with the simultaneous use of Fast Multipole Method (FMM) and Special-purpose computer; MDGRAPE-3. MDGRAPE-3 has been exclusively designed for molecular dynamics simulations. I have profound knowledge in numerical analysis scientific computing, which I have studied and taught for more than 16 years.

Parallel Mesh Generation

I developed an algorithm for parallel mesh generation and adaptation for complex geometries (e.g. Landing gear and 3D wing). The main goal was to generate huge meshes (>50 M nodes) and parallel adaptation to make a good quality of elements. The adaptation of boundary layer mesh (e.g. 3D wing with 1st bending mode) has been performed. The developed algorithm has been applied to adaptive Boundary Layer mesh, Ocean Modelling and Fluid Structure Interaction problems.

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Work Experience
Sep'15 - Present: Teaching Assistant Professor in Mathematics, Memorial University MUN, St. John's, NL, Canada.
Jul - Aug'18: Visiting Professor in Mathematics, IAUSS, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai, China.
Jul - Aug'17: Visiting Professor in Mathematics, China Summer Organization, Shanghai Jiao-Tong University, Shanghai, China.
Sep'14 - Aug'15: Assistant Professor in Mathematics, TrentU, Peterborough, ON, Canada.
Sep'12 - Aug'14: Sessional Instructor in Mathematics and Physics, UWind, Windsor, ON, Canada.
Mar'12 - Aug'13: Professor in Mathematics, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Aug'08 - Feb'12: Associate Professor in Mathematics, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
April 1 - 27, 2008: Visiting Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, KEIO, Yokohama, Japan.
Aug'01 - Aug'08: Assistant Professor in Mathematics, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Aug'98 - Aug'01: Lecturer in Mathematics, SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh.
June-August'14: Research Associate, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, Canada.
Sep'12 - Aug'14: Research Assistant, University of Windsor, Windsor, ON, Canada.
July - December, 2010: Research Assistant, Institute of Modeling & Simulations (LeMoS), University of Rostock, Rostock, Germany.
April 2009 - June 2010: Research Assistant, MEMA, Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.
April - September, 2008: Visiting Researcher, Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.
Dr. Ronald M Barron (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Dr. Ram Balachandar (Scour and horseshoe vortex )
Dr. M. Lightstone (Heat Transfer, CFD)
Prof. S. Obi (Vortex Methods)
Prof. Leslie Greengard (Fast Methods)
Prof. Y. Fukumoto (Vortex Dynamics)
Dr. Manosh C Paul (Fluid Mechanics)
Prof. Kenji Yasuoka (Special Purpose Computers)
Trent University
University of Windsor
McMaster University
Keio University
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology
University of Dhaka
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