7 November 1689 Will of Walter Pykes (proved 2 July 1690)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/400

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			November 7th 1689
If it pleases God that I doe
not returne from this Voyage there is due to me on Bond from one
Mr Joseph Hayne that belongs to my Lord Cheife Justice Pollixfen fifty
three pounds in June next which you Shall find in my Trunke my Will and
desire is that it may be thus disposed of as followeth Twenty pounds to my
deare Wife five pounds apeece to her two Sonnes if in case they be alive
at the Receipt of this money Tenn pounds to my brother William Tenne
pound to my brother Henry the ??? three pounds for Mourning Rings
one for my Wife the other for your selfe the third for one Mr John Hayne
who is a Housekeeper neare the Angell in the back side of St Clements
my Sword and belt and beaver Hatt to John Gloster my Cloth Suite with
plate Buttons to Henry and my Watch alsoe The rest of my apparell
and Linnen to my brother William if in case my Wife or either of them
dye before the payment of the money that that parte shall be equally
divided between my two brothers This Sr I desire you to performe
after my decease In Witnesse whereof I Sett my Hand and Seale Walter

		2d July 1690
Which day appeared personally William Pykes of the parish
of St Martins in the Feilds in the County of Middx Silke Dyer the
naturall and lawfull Brother of the abovesaid Walter Pykes deceased and
by Virtue of his corporall Oath deposeth that he well knew and was
acquainted with the manner or Character of the Hand Writing of the
Said Walter Pikes his brother deceased haveing often times Seen him
write and received Letters from him and doth alsoe further declare that
the Will or Testamentary Schedule on the other side hereof was totally
wrote and Subscribed with the proper Hand writing of the said Walter
Pykes deceased as this Deponent doth verily believe in his Conscience and
of the truth of the prmisses made Faith the day and yeare abovesaid
William Pykes

[what follows is in Latin and appears to grant probate to] Guilielmus Pykes
[on 2 July 1690]
Decundo die mensis Julii Anno Domi Millimo Sexcenmo et Nonagemo
[also mentioned is] Anna Pykes Vidua 
[and so is] Gualteri Pykes nuper de Twickenham in Coun Middx Sed Super alto mari apud Torbay defuncti 

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