9 May 1838 Will of William Pyke of Chiswick, Middlesex, esquire (proved 7 September 1844)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/2005

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In the Name of God Amen
This is the last Will and Testament of William Pyke of the Parish of 
Chiswick in the County of Middlesex I give and devise all that my freehold
messuage or tenement with the lands hereditaments and premises thereto
belonging with all their members and appurtenances called or known by the
name of Upper Marsfield in the Parish of Allensmore in the County of Hereford
to Elizabeth Maria Symonds Elizabeth Symonds and Harriett Symonds nieces of
my late beloved wife during their lives as joint tenants and the life of the
longest liver of them her heirs and assigns I give and bequeath to my nephew
Edward Gyles the sum of one hundred pounds and to my niece Mary Harris
the wife of Titus Harris the sum of one hundred pounds for her sole and sep-
arate use her receipt alone to be a sufficient discharge to my Executors for
the same I give and bequeth to Judith Anne Bowerbank the wife of the
Reverend Thomas Frere Bowerbank Vicar of the said Parish of Chiswick 
the sum of One hundred pounds and to the Treasurer and Trustees for the
time being of the Chiswick National Schools the sum of one hundred pounds
for the use and benefit of the said Schools I give and bequeath to Helen
Pyke Cooke the sum of Five hundred pounds I give and bequeath to 
Mary Bonhote the wife of Mr John Bonhote the sum of fifty pounds I
give and bequeath to Amelia Wilmot the sum of Fifty pounds I give and
bequeath to Archibald Rosser of New Boswell Court Lincolns Inn Gentleman
the sum of fifty pounds I give and bequeath to the Reverend George Dineley
of Caterine Vale House near Worcester my Macklins Bible and Silver
Bread Basket I give and bequeath to my Servants Elizabeth Wall the sum
of fifty pounds to Eliza Watts the sum of twenty pounds and to Anthongy Hazel
the sum of twenty pounds in case they shall respectively be living with me
at the time of my decease or have left my service solely on account of ill
health these legacies are to be paid to them respectively over and above
any wages which may be due to them at the time of my decease and it is
my further will and desire that all the above given legacies shall be free
and clear of and from the legacy duties which I hereby direct shall be paid
by my Executors hereafter named out of my personal estate And as to the

Residue of my Personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever and of what
nature or kind soever I give and bequeath the same to the Reverend Prodger
Herbert Symonds the nephew of my said dear wife the said Elizabeth Maria
Symonds the said Elizabeth Symonds and the said Harriett Symonds to be
equally divided between them for their own absolute use and benefit And lastly
I nominate and appoint the said Archibald Rosser and the said Reverend
Prodger Herbert Symonds to be Executors of this my will dated this ninth day
of May one thousand eight hundred and thirty eight  Wm Pyke  Signed
by the said William Pyke the Testator in the presence of us present at the
same time who in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses
Dykes Clayton  Abraham Robert Pitt

Proved at London the 7th September 1844 before the Worshipful John
Canberry Doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the Oaths of Archibald Richard
Francis Rosser (in the Will written Archibald Rosser) and the Revd Proger (in
the Will written Prodger) Herbert Symonds Clerk the Executors to whom Ad-
mon was granted having been first sworn duly to administer

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