10 April 1600 Will of Walter Pyke of Stowell, Wilcot, Wiltshire (proved 18 August 1600)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/96

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In the name of God Amen the Tenth daie of Aprill in
the yeare of our lorde God One Thouzande and Six hundred I Walter Pyke of
Stowell in the parishe of Wilcot within the Dioces of Sal? beinge sicke in bodie, but
of good and perfecte memorye (I thanke god) doe make my last will and Testament in
manner and forme followinge videlicet, Firste I yeeld my Soule to Almightie god my
maker redemer and Sanctifier, hopinge to be received into his everlastinge kingdome by
the merrites of our lorde and Saviour Jesus christ, And I doe desire that my body maye
be buried in the Earth after the Soule shall be departed from it, Item I give to the
poore of the Parishes of Wilcot and Wootten Bassett in each parishe Twentie shillings
in money, to be distributed forthwithe by my Overseers, Item I doe give to John Pryce
of Marleboroughe my brother in lawe Twentie shillinges in money, And to Elizabeth and
Johan his Daughters, to each of them, five shillinges a peece, And to the children of the
saide Johan, And to the sonne of Thomas Pryce, to each of them two shillinges a peece,
Item whereas my brother William Pyke dothe owe me fower poundes of money I doe
give to him the saide William Twentie shillinges of the saide debte, And the othe rThree
poundes I doe give to the children of the same William Pyke, to be equally devided amongt
them, Item I doe give to my brother in lawe, Roberte Skeat Twentie shillinges in money
And to every of his servants in his house two shillinges a peece, Item I doe give to Dorothy
the daughter of John Parsons twentie two shillinges in money Item I doe give to my Sister
Martha Pyke Fouretie shillinges in money Item I doe give to the children of my brother
in lawe William George to each of them two shillinges a peece, And to every Godchilde
that I have nowe livinge I give two shillinges in money, And whereas one of the children
of the saide William George is my godsonne my wyll is That he shall have fower
shillinges, Item I doe give to the Viccar of Wilcot nowe beinge six shillinges and eighte
pence in money, Item all the rest of my goodes chattels and debtes before nott bequeathed
I doe give and bequeathe to my welbeloved wief Anne Pyke and my obedient Sonne
Robert Pyke, to be equally devided betwixt them, And I doe ordaine constitute and appointe
them the saide Anne and Roberte the Executors of this my last will and Testament, Requesting
my welbeloved brother William Pyke and Robert Skeate to be my Overseers, And my
Wyll is that if anie controversye or strife shall happen betwixte my saide Executors about
this my last will and testamente or anie thinge herein conteyned or thereto belonginge That
then they shall be ordered by theis my Overseers, these beinge witnesses William Pye
Viccar of Wilcot William Rawlins John Church and others

Probatum fuit testamentum [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate at London
on 18 August 1600]
decimo octavo die mensis Augusti Anno Domini millimo Sexcentesimo
[to] Anne relca d?? defuncti et Robti Pyke filii

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