24 April 1808 Will of Thomazine Pyke of Appledore, Northam, Devon, spinster (proved 12 June 1817)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1593

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In the Name of God Amen
I Thomazine Pyke of Appledore in the parish of Northam in the
County of Devon being of sound understanding do make my last Will
and Testament as follows I give to my Sister Vernon ten Guineas I
give to my Sister Miles my Gold Watch I give to my Nephew Samuel
Pyke in two years after my decease the Three hundred pounds the
Executors of my late Brother John Pyke pay me interest for and for
which the Estate called Ford in the Parish of Bideford is securing
and in case the said Samuel Pyke is not living at the End of two
years after my decease the said three hundred pounds then to be
equally divided betwen my Nieces Jane, Elizabeth, and Ann
Thomazine Pyke or such of them as may then be living I also give
unto my Nephews John and Joseph Pyke and my Nieces Jane
Elizabeth and Ann Thomazine Pyke Twenty Guineas each to be paid 
them respectively as they attain the Age of twenty one years
  I give to my Niece Elizabeth Vernon in two 
years after my decease the Sum of four hundred pounds Stock 
in the pr Cent New South Sea Annuity And I give to my Niece
Thomazine Vernon Three hundred pounds Stock in the Navy five
Pr Cent Annuities two years after my decease And I give to my
Nephew Samuel Vernon five Guineas and to my Nieces Prudence
Wills Dorothy Vernon and Joan Hooper five Guineas each and 
I make it my request that the Keys of my Wardrobe and Bureau
may be given to my Niece Thomazine Vernon and the Contents
I bequesth to her I constitute and apopint my Nephew Richard
Vernon Junior my whole and sole Executor and I will that he
possesses the whole of my property for two years after my decease

in Consideration of which he is to pay my Funeral Expences and also 
he Expences his Administration to my Effects may be attended with
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this
24th Day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand eight
hundred and thirteen  Thomazine Pyke  LS  Signed sealed and
delivered in the presence of  Thos Miles  Mary Allin

All my right and Title to Mr Miles's Dwelling House and
Garden I give for the purposes mentioned by Mr Miles in his
Will  Thomazine Pyke  29 August 1814

That part of my Will which bequeaths twenty Guineas to 
each of my Nieces Jane Farley Elizabeth and Ann Thomazine 
Pyke I revoke having given each of them that Sum respectively
April 1 1816.  Thomazine Pyke

I revoke the bequest of three hundred pounds to Samuel 
Pyke for which an Estate called Ford is a Security and give the
said three hundred pounds two years after my decease to John and
Joseph Pyke in Trust they to pay the Interest thereof to the said 
Samuel Pyke during his life and at his Death to apply the 
principal as specified in my said Will April 20th 1816.  Thomazine

Appeared Personally Jane Pyke of Appledore in the
County of Devon Widow and Elizabeth Miles also of the same
place widow And being sworn jointly made oath that they knew
and were acquainted with Thomazine Pyke late of Appledore in
the County of Devon Spinster deceased for some time before and to
the time of her death and that by virtew of having seen her
write and also write and subscribe her name they have become
acquainted with her manner and Character of Handwriting and
Subscription and having respectively particularly viewed and perused
the paper writings hereto annexed purporting to be and contain three
Codicils to the last Will and Testament of the said Deceased the
first Codicil beginning thus "All my right" and ending thus "mentioned
by Mr Miles in his will 29 August 1814" and thus subscribed "Thomazine
Pyke" The second Codicil beginning thus "That Part of my Will" also
ending thus "that Sum respectively April 1 1816" and thus subscribed 
"Thomazine Pyke" And the Third Codicil beginning thus "I revoke
the bequest" and ending thus "as specified in my will April 20th
1810" and thus subscribed "Thomazine Pyke" These Deponents respectively 
say they do verily and in their Consciences believe the whole body
Series and Contents of the said three Codicils together with the
Subscriptions thereto to be of the proper Handwriting and Subscription 
of the said Thomazine Pyke deceased  Jane Pyke  Eliz Miles

On the 20th day of May 1817 the said Jane Pyke and Elizabeth miles
were duly sworn to the Truth of this Affidavit at Appledore in the
County of Devon by Virtue of the Commission hereto annexed
before me  Thomas Mill Commissioner

Proved at London with three Codicils 12th June 1817 before the
judge by the Oath of Richard Vernon ther Younger the sole Exor
to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn by Comon
duly to administer

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