22 May 1590 Will of Thomas Pyke of Marlborough Wilts (proved 3 July 1590)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/76

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In the name of god Amen
the twoe and twentithe of Maye in the twoe and thirtithe yere of the Raigne of oure moste
gracious soveraigne Ladie Elizabethe by the grace of god Quene of England Frannce
and Irelande Defender of the faithe &c I Thomas Pyke of Marleboroughe in the Countie
of Wiltes sicke in Bodie but whole and perfecte of minde praysed be god Do make my
laste will and testamente in manner and forme folowinge First I give and bequeath
my Soule to the Allmightie god trustinge and undoubtedlye belevinge to be saved onlie by
the bloodsheddinge of my Savyoure and Redeemer Jesus Christe and my Bodie to be
buried in Sainte Peters Churche in Marleboroughe aforesaied Item I give to oure Lady
Churche of Sarum fower pence Item I give and bequeathe to my sonne Phillipp Pyke
the somme of one hundred poundes and all my Landes in Fee Simple that I nowe am possessed
of in Marleboroughe abovesaied Item I give unto the saied Philippe for tearme of his 
life on Lease of Twoe tenements lyinge in Hy?dsercate and one close adioyninge unto the
with one Barne standinge in Kingesburie sercate which he houldeth of the towne of

Marleboroughe And after the Decease of the saied Philippe my Will is my Lease before mencyoned with all
the proffitts and Commodities therof to remayne and come to my sonne Nathaniell Pyke And aftr
his deathe the same Leasse to remayne and Discende to my Daughter Anne Crooke Duringe her naturall
life accordinge to the tenure of the Lease Item I give to my sonne Nathaniell Pyke the somme of one
hundred and twentie poundes and towardes the awnsweringe of the same sommes I doe appoynte certeyne
Corne to the value of Sixe skore poundes accordinge to a noate set Downe to be converted into money
betwixte th?? and Michelmas next to be equallie Devided betwene them that is to saye to my Sonne
Philippe Pyke three skore pounde and the other three skore pounde to Nathaniell And the Residue of
the sommes before given to be Levied for them accordinge as yt shalbe receyved by suche specialties
as I have to that use Item I give to the saied Philippe and Nathaniell one Bed of Downe on
Featherbed and twoe Flockebedds with theire Appurtnncs to be equallie Devided betwene them by
myne Overseers Item I give to Richard Crooke the sonne of John Crooke and to Anne Crooke Fyve
poundes Moreover I give and bequeathe unto Thomas Briant the sonne of my Daughter
Katherine Briant Deceased fyve poundes Item I give to Margaret Throneton Daughter of the
saied Kathererine tenne poundes of Currant money which three sommes laste rehearsed my Will is
to be Delivered to the uses of the saied children within one whole yere next after my Decease unto
y Mr Mayor of Marleboroughe and his bretheren for the tyme beyinge to be employed by them
to the moste commoditie and benefitt of the children untill they shall come to the age of eightene
yeres and then to be paied them with thencrease therof And yf and of them happen to dye that
then the aforesaied somme or sommes to remayne to the Survivor Item I give to my Brother
John Walforde my Bridle and Saddle Allso I give to John Crooke my blacke gowne whiche
I used to weare on sundays Item I give to every one of JOhn Walfordes servannts twelve pence Item
I give to Mr Cowley to preache my funerall Sermon tenne shillings Item I give to my Sonne
Philippe Pyke my best blacke gowne And to my sonne Nathaniell Pyke my tawney
Taffata Dublett The reste of my goodes not given nor bequeathed after my Debtes paied
I give to my cozen Mr Edmonde Pyke of Clyve and William Pyke of Asheley in the Countie of
Wiltes whome I do appointe and constitute myne Executors to see theise my Legaceys
conteyned in this my laste will performed And I am to requeste my welbeloved in x?ist
Thomas Malyn of Marleboroughe and Symon Pyke of Wilcolne as myne overseers to
assiste my foresaied executors for the better accomplishinge of the premises In witnes
wherof I have to this my last will and testamente subscribed myne hande the daye
and yere abovemencyoned in the presence of theise whose names ar underwritten
By me Thomas Pyke John Cowley John Walford      Memorand that on
Satterdaye the thirtithe Daye of Maye a thousande fyve hundred and nynetie The sayed Thoms
Pyke by his wordes not written in his life tyme Did condiscend at the motion of certeyne
persons and willed that Anne Crooke his Daughter nowe wife of John Crooke the Somme
of tenne poundes yf that after his Debtes Funeralls Legaceys giftes bequeasts and sommes
of money in his former written will or testamente be fullie satisfyed and paied The
residue of his goodes will amounte unto and extend so farre as to make the same or els
she the saied Anne not to have any thinge therof

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 3 July 1590]
tertio die mensis Julii Anno Domini millesimo quingen?
Edmondi Pyke et Willm Pyke Executorii

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