26 September 1792 Will of Thomas Pyke of Falmouth, Cornwall (proved 14 April 1796)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1274

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I Thomas Pyke of the
Town of Falmouth in the County of Cornwall
(partner in Trade with John McDowell of said

Town) considering the uncertainty of life do
hereby make this my last Will and Testament
by which I do appoint my Good Friend and
acquaintance Thomas Croggen Senr of Penryn
and my Good Friend and acquaintance William
Hambly of Falmouth whole and Sole Executors
in Trust to all the property and effects that may
be found belonging to me any where any
particularly, what may be found belonging to me
upon settling the partnership accs with John
McDowell, which I desire to be done in the
following manner the Stock to be taken an
account of at prime Cost, and to remain with
said John McDowell thinks proper to allow
Five pr Cent pr Annum for what my Capital
may prove to be, and to give such certain
Security for the amount as my Executors In
Trust may require and approve, in Case said
J McDowell do not think proper to take the
Stock there for it to be sold in the best manner
my Executors in Trust may think proper and
my Capital then to be laid out in the most
secure and advantageous manner my
Executors in trust may think proper, and
whatever the produce of my effects may be
I desire my Executors in Trust to dispose of it
in the following manner To my affectionate
and beloved wife Mary Pyke I give an
annuity of Forty pounds Pr Annum to be
paid quarterly (that is to say) including what
she may receive from the fourth Annuitants
Security, the remainder to be made up from
ther income of my effects making in all forty
pounds pr annum as well I give unto my
said Wife as much Household Furniture as
she may require and my said Executors in
Trust may think proper to give for Furnishing
of four Rooms To my Nephew William
Harris I give two hundred pounds provided 
my effects will beare the income of One thousand
pounds Sterling cl??e to my Daughter Patty
Pyke and in case my effects should not leave
One thousand pounds cl??e to my Daughter
Patty Pyke, then give said Wm Harris in proportion
as two hundred is to One thousand pounds
unless my effects may be under Five hundred
pounds if so then to give Wm Harris only ten
pounds To my Nephew Charles Harris i give
Ten pounds To my Sister Eliza Brooke I give
One hundred pounds provided my effects will
produce One thousand pounds for my Daughter Patty
Pyke otherwise to have in proportion as One

hundred is to one thousand and if my effects doth not
produce Five hundred pounds for my Daughter
Patty Pike this my Sister is only to have Ten
pounds To each of my Executors in Trust I give Ten
pounds as a token of respect and esteem  Lastly
after observing the foregoing directions and paying
all my Just Debts I give and bequeath the whole
of my effects unto my Daughter Patty Pyke to remain
in Trust with my said Executors Thomas Croggen
Senr and William Hambly until my said Daughter
Patty Pyke may attain the eighteenth year of her
age In witness hereunto I set my hand and seal
this twenty sixth day of September in the year of
our Lord One thousand seven hundred and 
ninety two  Thomas Pyke  LS  Witness E Brook
S Prichard

This Will as proved at London the
fourteenth day of April in the year of our Lord
One thousand seven hundred and ninety six
before The Right Honorable Sir William Wynne
Knight Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary
of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully
constituted by the Oath of Thomas Croggen the
Nephew of the deceased and William Hambly
the Executors named in the Will to whom
Administration was granted of all and singular
the Goods Chattles and Credits of the Deceased
having been first Sworn by Commission duly to adr

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