1 August 1678 Will of Thomas Pyke of Etchingham, Sussex (proved 12 March 1678)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/359

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This is the last Will and Testament of mee Thomas
Pyke of Etchingham in the Countie of Sussex Clerke concerning the disposition of that
worldly Estate which it hath pleased God to blesse mee withall Imprimis I give
and bequeath to the Poore of the Parish of Etchingham aforesaid twenty shillings
And to the Poore of the Parish of Otford in the Countie of Kent five Shillings
To the Poore of the Parish of Chevning in the Countie of Kent five shillings and
to the Poore of the Parish of Benenden in the said Countie of Kent five shillings
These severall Summes to be payd unto them respectively by my Executrix hereinafter
named within three monethes next after my decease Item I give to my ever honored
Patron Sir Nicholas Strode my Horse to be delivered to him imediately after my
decease Item I give and bequeath unto Mary my wife all the furniture of the Kitchin-
-Chamber (that is to say) the Bedd Boulster pillows bedstedle hangings about the Bedd
and the white Curteins there, and the hangings about the Chamber with the chaires
and stooles and other furniture to the Bedd, and some other things fitting for her use
And alsoe my largest Silver Tankard, to be delivered unto her imediately after my
decease Item all the rest of my Goods and Chatells whatsoever (my debts legacies
and funerall Expences being first payd and discharged) I give to my Sonn Thomas
Pyke; But my Will and meaning is that my honored Father shall use and enjoy my
other Silver Tankard, and one large Silver spoon during his life, and not otherwise, and
then the same to returne to my Sonn Thomas; And also I doe hereby Order, that
my Brother Edward Whitaker shall weare my Gold Ring which I now weare
during his life, and then the same shall returne and come to my said Sonn Thomas
Pyke; And also that my Sister Joane Whitaker shall use and enjoy my Watch
during her life, keeping the same in good Order, and after her decease the same to

returne to my said Sonn Thomas; And my mynd and will is that all my house-
hold Goods and personall estate (except what is before given and bequeathed, &
except some of the best lynnen of my dear Mothers Making which I desire may be
set up carefully in a Cheat and presented for my said Sonn Thomas) shall be sold
and put into money and put out at interest for the benefit and maintenance of
my said Sonn Thomas; And I doe make and ordaine my said Sister Joane
Whitaker and my Wife Mary Pyke sole Executrixes of this my last Will and
Testamt To whose care I committ my said Sonn and doe appoint them the Tuition
and care of him, And doe desire they would be pleased to take great care of him
and give him such education and learning as what shall be left unto him will
afford Notwithstanding my will and mynd is that if my said wife shall have a
desire to have my said Child some tyme, that my Executrixes shall allow and
pay unto her the interest of what my Sonn shall soe have left unto him during
such tyme as she shall keepe and mainteyne my said Sonn according as hee ought
to be educated and mainteyned; And my farther will and mynd is that if it
shall happen that my said Sonn Thomas shall dye and depart this life before hee
shall attaine to the age of One and twentie yeares, or of the Age of discrection in
Law to make a Will and bequeath his personall estate That then all and what 
soever is before herein given to my said Sonn Thomas I doe hereby give and
bequeath to my wife and to my Nephew Martin Pyke in such sort and manner
as the same is herein before given to my said Sonn Thomas In witness whereof
I the said Thomas Pyke have to this my last Will and Testamt conteyned in
five sheets of Paper to the foure first sheets thereof
set my hand and to the last sheet thereof my hand and Seale the First day
of August in the yeare of Our Lord One thousand six hundred seventy & eight
and in the thirtieth yeare of the Reigne of Our Soveraigne Lord Charles the
second by the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King
Defender of the Faith &c Thomas Pyke  Signed sealed published and de-
-clared in the presence of Robt Spiller Willm Finch Thomas May  What is
interlyned I wrote with my owne hand as my desire (viz) for tenn [twenty ???
some other things fitting for he ruse, and my Wife Mary Pyke, them ????? to
my wife and] To this as a Truth wee set our hands the 25th of October 1678
Robert Evernden  Thomas May  Margery Smalfeild her marke

Probatum fuit Testamentum [this paragraph continues in Latin and appears to
grant probate at London on 12 March 1678]
Duo Decima Die mensis Marchy Anno Domini (stylo Anglice) millesimo sexcentesimo
septuagesimo octavo
[to] Maria Pyke Relicta et vinns Executricis
[with power reserved for] Joanna Whitaker alteri Executrici

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