30 January 1630 Will of Simeon Pyke of Over, yeoman (proved 30 March 1632)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/161

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In the name of God Amen
the thirthe day of Januarie Anno Dmi 1630 I Simeon Pyke of Over in the County
of yeoman beinge sicke in bodye but of PERfect memorie thankes be to Allmightie god Doe
make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme followinge First I
bequeath my soule into the hands of Allmightie god that gave it and my bodye to be buried
in the PARishe Church of Over &c Item I give unto Annis Pyke my wife my messuage or homestall
I nowe dwell in wth the Close adioyninge wch was Darringtons wthall my lands meadowes

and marrishes wthin the PARishe and boundes of Over and duringe the tearme of hir naturall
life And her decease the said Messuage and homestall the Close adioyning wch was Darringtons
one acre and halfe a Roode of longe meadowe and six Ronds of marrish called Common in Howssem
wth aPURtenances To Robte Phillipp alias Barnet the sonne of my brother Robte Phillipp
alias Barnes and to his his heires for ever Also I give unto the abovenamed Robte
Phillipp alias Barnet the yonger all the wainscott and parballdores and all the glasse
uppon the windowes as they now stande in and uppon the aforesaid house wthall the pales
postes and railes standing in and upon the said Messuage and also all the woodes and
Growinge growinge in and uppon the Close wch was Darringtons also one Joyned framed
tabl standinge in the hall now John Smiths and one ioyned cupbord standinge in the
kitchen Also I give unto the above named Robte Phillipp alias Barnet the younger one
newe Oking Ladder and a malte querne with two stones and wth all things fittinge and two
barrs of Iron the one in the hallchifne and the other in the kitchin Chiffnee wth two great
hookes Provided allwaies and my will is that Annis Pyke my wife shall have the
use of all the aforesaid bequeathed goodes as the wainscot portall dores glasses pailes
postes Railes frame table and Cubord and also toleppand shredd the woods and grainage
t seasonable tymes for maintenance of Fences not wasting nor misusing any of the above
named things Further my will is that Annis Pyke my wife before the provinge
of this my will shall seale and deliver a bond wth securitie sufficient of Fortye
poundes to Robte Phillipp alias Barnet his executors administraters or assignes at or
in the porch of the parish Church of Over wthin two daies after my death yf any of them
shalbe at the place aforenamed to Receive it having had sufficient notice of the death of the
said Symon Pyke my brother wth Condicon for PERforminnge as followeth first not to fell any
of the woodes or growinge to leave the wainscot the glasse and the postes pales and railes
the ioynd framed table and the Cubord yf she shall refuse to doe as aforesaid Then those
giftes and bequeathes given to her shalbe void then my will is my brother Phillipp
shalbe my Executor of this my will Item I give unto Franncis Kendrake the sonne of
Willm Kindrake The Close was Henry Brograves to him and his heires for ever
Alsoe I give him the said Franncis my bible Item I give unto John Daniell the sonne of Thomas
Daniell Tenn pounds of currant money to be paid to him wthin one yeare after my decease
Item I give unto Franncis Daniell my sister Tenn poundes of currant money to be paid
to hir wthin one yeares after my decease Item I give unto Alce Phillipp alias Barnet
the daughter of Robte Phillipp alias Barnett one Joyned bed standing in the parlor
and my wife is to have the use of it duringe hir life Item I give unto my sister Franncis
Daniell one needle worke Cushinge Item I give unto Robte Phillipp alias Barnet sonne
of Robte Phillipp alias Barnett one Close or pasture in bareffenn to him and his heires
for ever uppon Condicon that the said Robte his executors administrators or assignes shall
pay unto Frauncis Damell my sister Tenn poundes of currant money wthin two yeares
after my wives decease alsoe he shall paye unto John Daniell my sisters sonne Tenn poundes
of currant money wthin one yeare and a halfe after my wifes decease yf it shall
happen my sister Fraunceis Daniell to dePARte this life before shee shall receive the said
Tenn poundes my will the said Tenn poundes shalbe paid to JOhn Daniell his sonne
or his assignes Alsoe yf the said John Daniell doe dePARte this life before he shall
receive the said Tenn poundes given to him will is it shalbe paid unto the Child or
Children of the said John Daniell by the said Robte as aforesaid Likewise he the said
Robte his executors administators or assignes shall paye unto Elizabeth Russell
and unto Margret Russell either of them five poundes within three yeares after my
wifes decease Item to Richard Dernham sonne of Richard Dernham my brother tenn
poundes of currant money to be paid to him wthin three yeares and a halfe after my
wifes decease Item my will is yf the aforesaid Robte Phillipp als Barnet or his
executors administrators and assignes shall faile and refuse in payeinge and cause
to be paid any PARte or PARcell of the giftes and legacies bequeathed conteyned in the

aforesaid Condicon Concluded uppon the pasture Then my will is that Simontt
Phillipp his brother shall have the pasture and paye as aforesaid Item I give to
William Hodgsonn fortye shillings of currant money Item I give unto the poore of Over
twenty dossen of bread to be given them the same day of my buriall Item my funeralls
PERformed and my debts paid All my goods unbequeathed I give unto my Wife whom I
make sole Executrix of this my last will and testament In wittnesse whereof I have here
unto sett my hand the day and yeare above written By me Simon Pike In the
prsenses of Willm Hearde his marke Willm Hodgessonne

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 30 March 1632]
Tricesimo die mensus
Martii Anno Domini Millesimo Sexcentesimo Tricesimo Secundo
Anne Pyke relicte dicte defunti et executricis

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