15 February 1621 Will of Roger Pyke of London, dyer (proved 17 December 1624)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/144

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In the name of God Amen I Roger
Pyke Citizen and dyer of London beinge in good and perfect mind and memory lawd and parise
be geven unto Almightie god knowinge that theire is nothinge in this worlde more sure and ceartine
to mankind then death and nothinge more unceartaine then the hower thereof Doe therefore make this my last will
and testament In manner and forme followinge That is to saie Imprimis I Commend my soule into the ????
of almightie God trustine and assuredly belevinge by and thorowgh the wealth of the pretious
death and passion of his only sonne and my only lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to obtaine full and free
Remission of all my sinnes and to enioye everlastinge life in the kingdome of heaven amongst the elect Chil-
dren of god my bodie I Committ to the earth to be buried in the parishe Churche of St Marie Somersett
London and my worldly goodes I dispose as followeth first I give and bequeath to my kinswoman Agnes
Pike the some of forty powndes to be paied unto her within the space of sixe monethes next after my de-
cease if she shall soe longe live Item I gyve unto my kinsman George Pike the some of Fyve powndes
Item I give to my kinsman John Pike the some of Fyve powndes Item if my late wifes sonne Richard Carter
shall within Eight and twentie daies next after notice of this my will after my death make seale and 
deliver in dwew forme of lawe unto my Executor under named a generall acquittance and release sufficient
in the lawe of and for all such debtes and somes of mony which I shall owe or be indebted unto him at the
time of my decease Then & in such case and not otherwise I give and bequeath unto the saide Richard
Carter the some of one hundreth powndes to be paied unto him by my Executor as the same shalbe
received of the Clere yerely Rentes comminge and arisinge by force of the lease which I hold of the
Deane and Chapter of westminster Item I give and bequeathe to and amongst the poore people of the par-
ishe of St Mary Somersett aforesaide the some of fyve powndes to be distributed amongest them by my Executor
within the space of one month next after my decease Item I give to the poore people harbowred in St Thomas
Hospitall in Southwarke the some of fyve powndes Item I give to and amongest soe many of the ??erie of the 
Companie of Dyers in London as shall attend one my buriall the some of Fowre powndes to be by them spent on a
Supper one the night of the daie of my buriall Item I give to and amongest the almes people of the Company
of Dyers dwellinge in whitecocke alley in Thames streate in london the some of fortie & sixe shillinges Eighte
pence vid?t sixe shillinges eight pence apeece all the rest and Residewe of all and singular my goodes chattels
leases debtes ready mony and personall estate whatsoever and wheresoever my debtes legacies and funerall chargs
beinge first paied deducted and discharged I doe fully and wholye give and bequeath unto my kinsman Edward
Pike whom I doe hereby make name constitute and appointe the sole executor of this my ????? last will and testament
and I doe hereby revoke annihilate and utterly make voyde all former wills testaments Codicills executors legacies
and bequestes whatsoever by me at any time heretofore made named given devised or appointed and my minde and
meaninge is that theise presentes only shall stand and be taken for my last will and testament and none other
In witnes whereof I the saide Roger Pike to this my present last will and testament contayninge two sheets
of paper with my name subscribed to every sheete have sett my seale the Fifteenthe daye of February in the
yeares of the Raigne of oure Soveraigne Lord James by the grace of god kinge of England Frannce & Ireland
defender of the faith & c the nynetenth and of Scotland by the lvth Roger Pyke
Signed sealed pronounced and declared by the saide Testator as his last will and testament one the daye and
yeares above writeen in the presence of Thomas Hartwell Humfry Dyson notary publiq and of me Robert
Dickens servant unto the saide Notary

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 17 December 1624]
Decimo septimo Die mensis Decembris Anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo vicesimo quarto
Edwardi Pike executoris

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