16 October 1772 Will of Robert Pyke of Muchelney, Somerset (proved 7 May 1773)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/988

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In the Name of God Amen
I Robert Pyke of Muchelney in the County of Somerset yeoman
being at this time some what indisposed in Body but of sound
Mind and understanding Do this sixteenth day of October in the
year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and seventy two
make and publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner
following That is to say First I Give and bequeath unto Mary
my Wife and her Assigns for her Life One Annuity yearly Rent
Charge or Sum of Twenty Pounds of Lawful Money of Great
Britain to be issuing and payable had receeved and taken by
her out of my Personal Estate by two equal half yearly Payments
(to wit) on the twenty fifth day of December and the twenty
fourthd day of June (clear of all deductions whatsoever) the first
Payment thereof to begin and be made on such of the same
Days as shall first and next happen after my Decease And
for the more sure Payment thereof accordingly I do hereby order
and direct my Executor herein after named to give Bond to my
said Wife in the Penal Sum of Five Hundred Pounds Conditioned
for the Payment of the said Annuity by half yearly Payments
on the Days and in   manner as aforesaid within twelve 
Months next after my Decease if she shall require the same
And if he my Executor shall refuse so to do then and in such
Case all Benefit which shall accrue to him under or by Virtue
of this my Will shall become absolutely forfeited to her my
said Wife and be her Property for ever And I Give unto Ann
the Wife of Robert Grinter of Muchelney aforesaid yeoman
the Sum of Ten Pounds of Lawful Money of Great Britain
And unto my Grad Daughters Mary Willy Spinster now living
with me Susannah Cass now Wife of John Cass of Sea in
the Parish of Ilmister in the said County Labourer and Mary
Swann Wife of Joseph Swann of Sevington in the said County
of Taylor the Sum of Five Pounds each of like Lawful Money
unto my Grand Son John Willy of Drayton in the said County
Husbandman Leah Beck Wife of John Beck of Hinton Saint
Georges in the said County Butcher and Amelia Davy Wife
of Henry Davy of Southpether in the said County Carpenter
I Give the Sum of Ten Pounds a piece of like lawful Money
And my Will is that the Seven Money Legacies last mentioned
shall all be raised and taken out of my Personal Estate by
my said Executor herein after named and by him paid over
to the said Several Legatees above named at the End of Two
years next after my Decease And I Give unto Thomas Stukey

Son of Mary Stukey of Muchelney aforesaid by Joseph Stuckey
her former Husband deceased the Sum of Twenty Pounds of Lawful
Money of Great Britain and unto his two Brothers and Sister
John Joseph and Joan Stuckey all now Minors the Sum of Ten
Pounds each of like lawfull Money those last four Legacies I
will shall be raised and taken out of my said Personal Estate
by my said Executor and paid over to them at their respective
Ages of Twenty one years And I Give unto my Brother Martin
Pike of Southpetherton aforesaid Innholder the Principal Sum
of Four hundred Pounds in Lawful Money of Great Britain and
all the Interest profits and Produce thereof during his Life And
from and immediately after his Decease I Give the same
Principal Sum of Four hundred Pounds unto my Nephew Thomas
Pike of Southpetherton aforesaid Labourer for his own proper
use and Benefit And Lastly all the Rest and Residue of my
Estates both Real and Personal and all my Right and Interest
therein respectively (after payment of all my just Debts Funeral
Expences   Annuity and Several other Money Legacies aforesaid
and such other Legacies as I may give by any Codicil made
Subsequent to the day of the date of this my Will and Subject
thereto in the first Place) I Give Devise and bequeath the same
and every part thereof unto my said Brother Martin Pike whom
I do hereby make Constitute and appoint Sole Executor of this
my Last Will and Testament And I do hereby revoke all former
Wills and Testaments by me at any Time heretofore made And
do declare this only to be my Last Will and Testament In
Witness whereof I the said Robert Pyke               have
hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Day and year first above
written Robert Pike Signed Sealed Published and declared by
the Testator Robert Pake as and for his last Will and
Testament in the Presence of us who at his Request and in
his Presence and in the Presence of each other Subscribed our
Names as Witnesses hereto E Bamfield  Mary Stuckey  The
Mark of Grace Bishop

This Will was Proved at London the Seventh day of 
May in the year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred and 
Seventy three before the Right Worshipful George Hay Doctor
of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court
of Canterbury Lawfully constituted by the Oath of Martin Pike
otherwise Pyke the Brother of the deceased and Sole Executor named in the
said Will to whom Administration was granted of all and Singular
the Goods Chattells and Credits of the said deceased having
been first   Sworn duly to Administer

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