2 April 1531 Will of Robert Pyke (proved 30 January 1531)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/24
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In the name of god Amen The second day of Aprill in the yere of our lord godd ?? ??xxxi
I Robert Pyke being in ????e lyfe and of good memorye bequeth my soule to allmighty god and to our lady sainte
Marye and to all tholy companye of hevin and my bodye to be buried in the channcell of Sainte White of white
churche and tehre to be prepared evr??? a Tombe in the liknes of a Sepulcre for the bodye of Christe to rest
upon Allso I bequeth to the Cathedrall churche of Sa?? xii d Allso to the Churche of Sainte White to be putt in
to the bed??ll vi s viii d Allso to evyr howsehold Saint xxs a pece Allso to R??hard Pyke my ky???an xx ?
nobles to her mariage and meate drincke and clothe yf she will abyde wt my wyfe till she be maried
Allso to my gostly Father Sr Edward Elyatt iiis iiid Allso I ordeyne to Elizabeth my wyfe xxl lands
to her wy??? Allso my foresaid wyfe to have the lands of Bowringsleigh wt the mansion place to pay
all suche duets as I shold have paied and paying xl by the yere during the lyf of Alice Pyke mother
of the foresaid Robert Pyke and after the deceas of the foresaid Alice my Wyfe to have the hole during her
lyfe and after the lyfe of my wyfe to remayne to myne heir And the residew of my lands my wife to
have for to fynde my children till they be of lawfull age and then they to ahve xls apece And of all the
Residew of my goods I ordeyne Elizabeth my Wyfe to be my hole executrix and my brother in law
Willm Thornhull to be my Supviser and to have for his labour xls to see my will PERformed In
Witnes of this my last will Sr Edward Ellyat Curate of whitechurche Roger K?he John Wod?er
Thoams Andrew wt other more 

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 30 January 1531]
penul?? die January Anno d?? millmo qu????
Elizabeth relict et exr

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