22 December 1678 Will of Richard Pyke of Marston Trussell, Northampton, clerk (proved 31 May 1679)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/359

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In the Name of God Amen
The twentie second day of December One thousand six hundred seventie eight
I Richard Pyke of Marston Trussell in the Countie of Northton Clerke being
sick on bodie but of good and perfect memorie Thanks be to Almightie God

Doe make this my last Will and Testament (revoking by these psents all former and other
Wills by mee heretofore made) in manner and forme following, Inprimis I give
and Committ my Soul unto Allmightie God my Creator in Trust and Beleife
of full forgiveness and remission of all my Synns by the Merits of Jesus Christ
and that my Soul at the generall day of resurrection shall be reunited to my
Bodie and through the Merits of Christs Death and passion vessels & inherite
the Kingdome of Heaven to all Eternitie And my Bodie to be buried where it
shall please my Executrix hereafter named to appoint, And now for the settle-
-ing of my temporall estate and such Goods Chatells and Debts as it hath pleas-
-ed God to bestow upon mee I doe dispose the same in manner and forme follow-
-ing (that is to say) First I will that all those debts and duties that I owe in
Right or conscience be well and truely payd Item I give to every one of my Chil-
dren being Seven the summe of Fiftie Pounds of lawfull money of England to be
payd to every one of them as they shall respectively attaine to the age of One and
twentie yeares, or be married, or which shall first happen And soe many of my
Seven Children as shall dye before his her or their sd portion or portions shall be
due as aforesaid That then his her or their portion or portions shall be equally
divided amongst such of my Children as shall live untill they attaine unto the
said Age of One and twentie yeares, or be married, or which shall first happen
as aforesaid Item my mynd and will is that the rest and remainder of all my
estate Goods and Chatells (my funerall charges debts and legacies being first
payd and satisfied as aforesaid) be equally divided between my Mother Pyke &
wife for their maintenance during their lives And if my wife shall happen to dye
in the life tyme of my said Mother Pyke my mynd and will is that all my wifes
part of my Estate hereby given be then equally divided amongst my Children And
if my Mother Pyke dye in the life time of my wife my mynd and will then is that
my wife have and enjoy all that part of my estate thereby given to my Mother
Pyke for and during her naturall life And alsoe my mynd and will is that nei-
-ther my Mother Pyke nor my wife nor either of them in their life tyme nor at
their death doe give or dispose any part of my estate hereby given to them or
either of them to any person or persons but unto my Children onely to be divided
amongst my Children as my said Mother Pyke and wife shall think fit And
of this my last Will and Testamt I make my welbeloved wife my sole Executrix
Ri: Pyke  Sealed signed and declared to be my last Will and Testament in
the presence of John Stanley  Randolph MIddlemore  Anna Middlemore
David Smeeton

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 31 May 1679]
ultimo die Mensis Maii Anno Domini millesimo sexcentesimo septuagesimo nono
Joanna Pyke relicte et Executricis

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