1 October 1748 Will of Mary Pyke of Tiverton, Devon, widow (proved 13 September 1749)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/773

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This is the last Will and Testament 
of me Mary Pyke of Tiverton in the county of Devon Widow
first I commend my Soul into the Hands of its most mercifull 
Creator and My Body to the Earth to be decently Interred according 
to the Discretion of my Executor hereinafter named and my
Worldly Substance I give and dispose of in manner following
that is to day I give devise and bequeath unto my Cousin
Thomas Morgan of Michel Dean in the County of Gloucester
and the Heirs of his Body lawfully Issuing all that my
Messuage Tenement and premisses with the Appurtenances
situate lying and being at Lealine in the parish of Ashton
Ingram in the County of Hereford and containing by Estimation
forty Acres or thereabouts and in default of such Issue of my
Cousin Thomas Morgan then I will the same Messuage
Tenement and Premisses shall remain to my own Right
Heirs Also I give and bequeath unto the said Thomas Morgan the
sum of Two Hundred Pounds upon this Express Condition that he
his Executors or Assigns do (at or before the Time of payment
Thereof) give such Reasonable Security or Securitys as my
Executor hereinafter named his Executors or Assigns or his or
their Councill learned in the Law shall Advise devise or require

That he the said Thomas Morgan his Executors Administrators or
Assigns shall and will yearly pay or cause to be paid unto the Pastor
or Pastors Minister or Ministers or such Person or Persons as for the
Time being shall Officiate as such in the Presbyterian Congregation
of Protestant Dissenters at Michel Dean aforesaid the Sum of four
Pounds of lawfull Money of Great Britain for ever or for so
long Time as the same Congregation shall be by law Tolerated
and Continue but in Case the said Thomas Morgan his Executors 
or Assigns shall refuse to give such Security or Securitys as
aforesaid then I hereby give the said Sum of two Hundred Pounds
which I so Intended for him unto my Cousin Prudence
Woodward Widow her Executors Administrators and Assigns 
upon the like Condition but if she and they should likewise
refuse to Comply with the said Condition my Will is that the
said two Hundred Pounds shall in such Case remain to and for
the Benefit of my Executor herein after named his Executors 
and Assigns whom I request to secure the Payment of the said 
four Pounds per annum pursuant to this my last Will And I
give and bequeath unto each of the Sisters of my Cousin James
Yerbury (who lately lived with me but is now deceased) being Six
in Number the Sum of Twenty Pounds a piece of lawful Money 
of Great Britain Also I give the Sum of one Hundred Pounds
of like lawfull Money unto my Cousin Thomas Mawson to be
paid him when and in Case he shall attain the Age of three and
Twenty Years and lawful Interest from the Time of my Death
to be paid for the same untill such payment (by my Executor)
and to be applied towards his Education or better Maintenance
and if he my said Cousin Mawson shall happen to die before
he attains the said Age of Three and Twenty Years then I give
fifty Pounds (Part of the said Hundred Pounds so given to him)
to my Cousins Francis and Richard Yerbury (Sons of Francis
Yerbury) Equally between them and the remaining fifty pounds
(Part of the said Mawsons Legacy) I give in such Case to the two
Eldest Sons of my Cousin     Axford late of Bath
White Baker equally between them if both living or if one be
Dead then to the Survivor his Executors and Administrators Also
I give unto my Cousin Prudence Bower (Daughter of Thomas
Morgan) Twenty Pounds Also I give unto my Aunt Yerbury the
Sum of Ten Pounds also I give the Sum of Ten Pounds unto
Martha the Daughter of my Uncle Nathaniel Yerbury also
I give unto my Aunt Baily the Sum of Twenty Pounds Also
I give the Sum of Twenty Pounds unto the Wife of   Owen of
Bristoll also I give unto my Cousin Joseph Yerbury the Sum
of one Hundred Pounds he paying unto my said Aunt Baily
One Annuity (clear of all deductions by quarterly payments
during her Life) of four pounds of lawful Money of Great
Britain and my Express Will is that my said Cousin Yerbury
his Executors or Administrators shall give Bond or some other
reasonable Security for payment of the said Annuity before
the said one Hundred Pounds shall be paid to him or them
also I give unto my said Cousin Thomas Morgan the Son of
Nathaniel Morgan my Silver Cup Marked T. M. and the

Mourning Ring I had for my Father a Damask Table Cloath
and Eighteen Napkins marked T.M. Also I give unto my Cousin
John Morgan and Sarah Morgan (the Son and Daughter of
my Uncle Timothy Morgan deceased) the Sum of forty Pounds
apiece also I give unto the two Sons of Cousin Francis Yerbury
the like Sum of Twenty Pounds a piece Also I give unto Cousin Sarah
Rudge the Sum of two Hundred Pounds and also all such Moneys
as now are or at the Time of my Death shall be due from the
Representative of her Father to me upon Mortgage Bond or
otherwise which Mortgage and Bonds I will shall be delivered
up or Assigned to her the said Sarah her Executors or Assigns Also I
give and bequeath to my Cousins Ann Rudge and Joanna
Rudge (Sisters of the above named Sarah) the Sum of fifty Pounds
a piece Also I give to my said Cousin Prudence Woodward and to
my Cousin Binglsey (Wife of the Reverend Mr Bingsley of 
Bradford) the Sum of Twenty Pounds a piece Also I give unto Sister
Churley Mr Pykes Picture and mine my Silver Chaffing Dish and
Soup Spoon Also I give the Sum of Five pouds to be divided amongst
Ten Poor People of the Pitt Meeting at the Discretion of my
said Executor also I give unto unto the Widow Gillard formerly
my Servant the Sum of five pounds Also I give unto Sally Spiller
who now lives with me the Sum of Fifty Pounds in Case she
shall be living with at the Time of my Death Also I give unto
my Maid Martha the Sum of Ten Pounds if living with me
at my Death And my Will is that all the Legacys herein
before given and bequeathed shall be paid severally within
Twelve Months next after my decease and the Specifick
Legacys shall Also be Delivered as soon as conveniently may
be after my Death and Lastly all the Rest Residue and
Remainder of my Lands Tenements Goods Chattels Rights Credits
and Estate (both Real and Personal) whatsoever and
wheresoever not hereinbefore given devised or bequeathed
(my Debts Funeral Expences and Legacys above mentioned
being first paid and discharged I give devise and bequeath unto
my said Cousing Francis Yerbury of Bradford in the County of
Wilts Clothier his Heirs Executors & Assigns and I do hereby
make ordain and constitute him the said Francis Yerbury 
whoel and sole Executor of this my last Will and Testament 
revoking and annulling all former and other Wills by me
heretofore made In Witness whereof I the said Mary Pike the
Testatrix to this my last Will and Testament contained in
two Sheets of paper Have set my Hand and to this last Sheet
have also affixed my Seal this first Day of October in the
Year of our Lord One Thousand seven Hundred and forty
Eight Mary Pyke  Signed Sealed published and declared 
by the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament (being
contained in two Sheets of Paper) In the Presence of us who
subscribed our Names thereto as Witnesses at her request
in her presence and in the presence of each other the Rasure
in the fifth Line of the Second Sheet being first made and
also two Interlineations first added before she so signed
published or declared the same   Elizabeth Richards

Margaret Richard  James Kirkpatrick

Also I give to the Reverend Mr Kiddell the Sum of
Ten Pounds in Consideration of his constant attendances on
me and great Trouble And whereas I have by the within
Will given my Aunt Baily four pounds a Year to be paid
by my Cousin Joseph Yerbury out of his Hundred Pounds
Legacy now I hereby revoke that Clause which relates to
that Annuity and do will and desire that my Cousin Joseph
shall have and be paid the said Hundred Pounds free from
the same and all other Deductions whatsoever and I
hereby desire this may be taken as part of my Will Witness
my Hand this seventh Day of October In the Year of our 
Lord 1748  Mary Pike  Witnesses hereto Elizabeth Richard
Margaret Richards  James Kirkpatrick

This Will was proved at London (with a Codicill
annexed) on the Thirteenth Day of September in the Year of our
Lord One Thousand seven Hundred and forty nine before the
Worshipful Robert Chapman Doctor of Laws and Surrogate
of the Right Worshipful John Bettesworth also Doctor of Laws
Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oath of Francis
Yerbury sole Executor in the said Will named to whom
Administration was granted of all and singular the Goods
Chattels and Credits of the Deceased being first sworn duly to

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