20 February 1575 Will of John Pyke of Mitcham, Surrey, yeoman (proved 3 December 1576)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/58
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In the name of God amen The Twenty daye of Febru
ary in the yeare of owre lorde god 1575 and in the Eightenth yeare of the raigne of owr
soveraigne ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God of Englande France and Irelande Quene
defender of the faith &c  I John Pyke of Bygginge in the parishe of Mycham wthin
the Countie of Surrey yeoman beinge whole of mynde and in good and perfect remembrannce
praise be unto Almightie god make and ordaine this my pnte testament concerninge here
here my laste will in manner and forme followinge Firste I commende my Soule to
Almightie god my make and redemer and my bodie to be buried in the parrishe Church
of Micham  Item I will that all such debtes and duties as I owe of right or of conscience to 
anie parson or parsons be well and truly contented and paide by my Executrix hereafter 
named  Item I will and bequeath my mancon house of Bigginge wthall the landes and 
tenementes thereunto belonginge or wth the same usually devised in manner and forme Follow
inge That is to say I bequeath the saide mancon howse wth all the landes and tenementes
thereunto belonginge or wth the same usually divised unto Barbara my wife for and duringe 
the tearme of fowretene yeares next after my decease to and for her owne use and behoofe to thin
tent for the better bringinge upp of my children  And I will and bequeath the residue of 
my yeares and whole entereste then to come in and to the saide mancon howse landes and 
tenementes aforesaide after that the saide xiiii yeares are expired and ended unto my sonne Ni
cholas And if it fortune my saide sonne to dye before the saide tearme of yeares and interest to
him so by me bequeathed be expired and ended Then I bequeath the same unto the eldest sonne
of his bodye lawfully begotten And in like manner to his seconde and thirde sonne one after a
nother Provided alwaies my will and mynde is so longe as my saide wife doth continue 
unmaried That so longe she shall have and occupy the saide mancon house landes and tents
after thende and determinacon of the saide fowretene yeares to and for her owne use to and 
for thintent aforesaide this my saide bequest nor anie thinge therein contained unto my
saide sonne and to the sonnes of his bodie lawfully begotten or to anie of them to the contrary
notwthstandinge And if she marry Then I will that my saide wife shall have but xiii
yeares onely from my decease And also it is my will mynde and meene That if it fortune 
my saide wife doe dye before the saide fowretene yeares or the remainder limited uppon the 
same are expired the kepinge her selfe still a wedowe That then ymediatly after he de
cease I will the remaine of the yeares and interest then to come of and in the saide mancon
howse landes and tenementes to remaine and be unto my saide sonne and to the heires males of 
his bodye lawfully begotten in manner and forme above saide And if it fortune my sayde
sonne and heires males of his bodie lawfully begotten (wch god presence) to decease before the
whole Tearme and intereste then to come in the saide mancon howse landes and tenements
be ended and determined I will the reasedue of his yeares and interest then to come of and in
the saide mancon howse landes and tenementes unto my daughters then livinge and to the
Children of such my Daughters as then shall be dead equally to be dePARted amongst 

And for that my saide sonne shoulde not be altogether destitute at the time of entringe into the saide 
ferme I do bequeath unto him of my goodes for his better helpe and maintenannce as followeth
That is to saye tenne of my best oxen to be delivered him or the worth thereof as they are to be
valued by myne ovrseers hereafter named at such time as it shalbe his channce to have the saide
 Ferme in manner and forme aforesaid Item I give him one carved bedsted of walnuttre
wth the whole furniture to the same belonginge and used viz one bolster one pillowe one paire of 
Sheetes price twentie shillinges two blanketts one Coverlett one fetherbed and one mattryce
Item more to my saide sonne thre kine two Sowes thre yearelinge hoggs the best brasse pott the
best brasse panne and the Cawdron nowe standinge in the furnace Item I give him one newe long
Carte a paire of newe wheeles shodden wth ??? yokes and Chaines for tenne oxen one plowe and
twoe paire of harrowes tyned wth ???  Item more unto him tenne quarters of rye thre quarters 
of wheate of barly fowre quarters otes five quarter of Tares halfe a quarter of ??????? quarter of beans halfe
a quarter all wch thinges above named or the price thereof as they shalbe valued by myne ovrseers
after my Death I will to be delyvred him at such time as he shall have the saide ferme as is afore
saide  Also my will and mynde is That if my wife do marry as is before saide That she her Extors
or Administrators at the ende of the saide fowrtene years shall leave or cause to be lefte tenne Acres
of Arable Rye lande followed and readie for the feede and five Acres of wheate lande in like manner
And if it fortune my saide sonne doe die before my wives fowrtene yeares of and to my saide mancon
howse of Bigginge wth the landes and tenementes thereunto belonginge are expired and ended 
Then I will all such thinges to him bequeathed his interest and tearme of yeares of and in my
saide mancon howse of Bigginge wth Thapputennces to him by me bequeathed after my
wifes fourtene yeares excepted and forprised unto Barbara my wife forever Provided
and it is my will mynde and intent That my wife do honestly maintaine my saide sonne in
all nedefull thinges for a Childe and to bringe him upp in learninge (yf he be apte therefore) so
longe as she shall contynue in her handes the thinges to him by me bequeathed or els uppon her
defalte herein I will that she at thappointment of my overseers or one of them if thother be dead 
delivr the same to and for his use into the handes of one or twoe of my trusty frendes that they 
shall thinke good of wthin one yeare after such defaulte by her made And for that I hope my
Daughters wilbe obedient and lovinge unto theire mother and be advised by her and other theire
frendes  I give unto evry of them as followeth  First I bequeath unto Ellinr my eldest daughtr
Twenty powndes and to Dorathie, Franncis, Mary, Katherine, and Barbara my Daughters to
everye of them Twentye pouwndes a pece to be delivered to everye of them when they shall accom
plishe thage aforesaide and come to theire lawfull ages of twenty one yeares or els be maryed
And if it fortune anie of them to dye before they accomplishe thage aforesaide or not marryed be
fore that time That then her or theire porcons of her or them so deceassinge to be and remaine 
unto her sister of sisters then being alive  And if they all channce to die before the time above saide 
Then I will the whole prorcons to remaine to Nycholas my sonne for ever  And if my sayde
sonne channce to die Then I will the same unto Barbara my wife forever  And my will is yt
my wife shall have the occupienge of my Daughters porcons and legacies duringe theire nonages 
or marriage she putinge in sufficient suretie for the same  Item I give to my Sister mystres Do
rathye Butlande one Angell of goulde for a token of remembrannce  Item to my Cosin mystres
Mary Watton twelve pence  Item to my Cosin Frannces Rutlande six Shillinges Eight
pence to my Cosin Wm and Jone Rutlande twelve pence a pece for tokens of Remembrannce
Item to every one of my sisters six shillinges eight pence apece  Item to my brother Rafe
Pike one busshell of malte and one other of rye  The reasidue of all my goodes and Cattells
and Debtes after my Debtes paide my funerall expences PERformed and those my legacies con
tayned in this my Testament fulfilled I wholy give and bequeath to Barbara my wife 
And of this pnte testament I make and ordaine my saide wife my whole and sole Executrix 
I make and ordaine Overseers of this my laste will and Testament my brother in lawe Mr 

Nycholas Rutlande and my brother Henry Pike and for theire paines herein and aboute the same
to be taken I give every of them Twentie Shillinges apece  And I utterly revoke and anull all
and every other former Testamentes wills legacies bequestes Executors and overseers by me in anie
wise before this tyme made named willed and bequeathed  Wrytten the Daye and yeare above
named in the pnce of us hereafter named  By me Nicholas Rutland Thomas Walton 
Junior  By me John Hedgworth  By me Willm Hadworth

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 3 December 1576]
Tertio Die mensis
Decembris Anno Dni Millimo Quingentesimo Septuagesimo sexto
Anthonii Calton notarii publici procuratoris Alicie Pyke
Barbare Pyke Relicte et Executricis

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