2 April 1533 Will of John Pyke of London, goldsmith (proved June 1533)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/25

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In the name of god amen The seconde day of Aprill in the yere of our Lord god a thowsande fyve hundred xxxii And
the xxiii yere of the Reigne of king Henry the viiith I John Pyke citizen and goldesmythe of the cittie of London being hole of mynde and in good
memorye lawde and praysing be unto allmighty god make ordeyne and dispoase that my present testament and last will in manner and fourme
folowing that is to say First I bequeathe and Recommend my soule unto allmyghty god my creatour and Redemer to his blessed mother our lady
sainte mary the virgin and to all the holly companny of hevin and my bodye to be buryed in the parishe churche of sainte vedast bes?d?s
westehepe of london in suche place as it shall please myn Executrice underwritten to pr???de and ordeyne for me And I will that my funrall
charges shalbe honnestly d?? after the wise discrecon of myn Executrice And that all my debts which I do owe of right as conscience to
anny names of PERsonne or PERsonnes shalbe weale and truely paide by myn Executrice or ells ordeyned so for to be paid Also I bequeath unto
the high aulter of the parishe church of sainte Peter besides the crosst in westehepe of london for my tythes and obla??ons by eme forgotto
or ??h???? if anny suche be in discharge of my soule ??????? Item to the high aulter of the foresaid parishe churche of sainte vedaste 
for my tithes and obla??ons by me forotton or necligently wtholdin if anny suche be in discharge of my soule and conscience ??? and ?????
And forasmuche as before this tyme I have gyven delivered and paid to Barnard J??y?s citizen and s?y???r of london in mariage of and
wt Johane my daughter the some of twoo hundreth marks sterlinge in the name of her full porcon and parte of all my goodes chattalls
and debts after th?se and ?????? of the said citie of london belonging to her whiche some is the very third PARte of all my goodes on
cattalls and debts And therefore I will and exhorte Will and dester the said the said Barnard and johane and eyther of th?????????
to be fully to be contented and pleased wtout anny ferther clayme by th??? or th??? or ??heir of th??? herafter to be made Item I bequethe to the said
Barnard my sonne in lawe ?? ring of gold wt the ?????? and wt twoo stones fixed in the same ring Item I bequethe to ???? of the
fyve orders of Fryers in london to pray for my soule ??? ???? Item I bequethe to the repaironns of the beddes for poore people in every
of the hospitals of sainte Barthlmew and saine Mary Spittall and sainte Thomas Spittall ?? Southwerk ??? ???? Item I
bequethe to Revland Hill mercer my p???rche ringe of ???? Item I bequethe unto the poore prysonners in every of the prysonne
houses of Ludgate weirgate (the kinges henche and the marshalsse breade to the value of ?? ????? The Resedewe of all my
goodes cattalls and debts after that my debts be paid my Funerall charges ???? and these my legacyes and bequestes expressed in
this my pnt testament and last will PERformed and fulfilled I give and bequethe hooly freely and ??teely unto Isabell my wife to
her owne propre use and behof And of t??s my present testament and last will I make and ordeyne the said Isabell my wife
my soole Executrice In wittnes wherof to this my present testament and last will I have sett my seale yeven the day and yere
abovesaid These wittnesses John Wilford notary John Lewes Thomas Bavey and William Sympson goldesmythes Sig?llat
et delibat in paria mei Johannis Wylford notary p??

Probatum fuit 
[this paragraph continues in Latin and appears to grant admon to]
Isabelle Relict et executicis
[on ?? June 1533]
??? die mens Junii Anno dno millmo quingeso 

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