15 September 1757 Will of John Pyke of Clare Street, St Clement Dames, grocer (proved 24 October 1759)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/850

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The Last Will and Testment of 
  John Pyke of Clare Street Grocer I give and bequeath
to my Nephew Thorpe Pyke One hundred pounds and I do
leave him the Shop I live in without any Good Will he
paying my Daughter 32 pounds a year and keep it in 
repair three Months after my decease if he Choose to have
it with all the fixtures and all the Canisters Counter Weights
and Scales and the Stock to be Appraised by Mr Pickering
and any other Person he shall choose Provided he can raise
the Money or give good Security for the said Stock I give to
my Sister Mary Tanner One hundred pounds I give to my Sister
Eliz Talman Fifty Pounds to my Neice Eliz Burnthwaite
Fifty Pounds to my Neice Eliz Taylor 50 Pounds to my
Nephew John Talman 50 Pounds I give to Edwd Leeck
twenty Pounds with all my wearing apparel Except Linnen
I give to my God Son John Jones of Theobalds Row
twenty Pounds to be paid to his Father Owen Jones to
keep it for his Sons use till he omes to the age of 21
[I give to the Charity School of Saint Clements Dames]		<-- [crossed out]
[to be paid to the Trustees for the time being] should
like to be Buried with my late Dear Wife at Embrton 
in the same manner as She was Except Linnen  All
the remainder of my Estate whatever I leave and give
to my dearly beloved Daughter Eliz Thorp Pyke And do
Appoint her my Sole Executrix And I do desire Mr John
Peel of Hampton my Brother in Law Mr John Aldridge and
Mr Jos Burnthwait Linnen Draper Trustees to my Will and
do give twenty Pounds apeice to each of them and desire
they will receive All the Money as will be raised by my
Stock in Trade and lay it out in the Government Securities
as they or the Major part of them shall think proper for the
use of my Daughter and that She may have the Interest of
it till she comes to the age 21 but would not have her have
the Principal till that time Except She Marrys with the 
consent of the Trustees or the Major part of them but if my
said Daughter should dye before the Leases of my Houses in
Clare Street and Clare Market of the Duke of Newcastle 
Expires without a Child then I give them to my Nephew

Thorpe Pyke as I do give him my Estate at Muzley in Bucks
if She dyes without a Child or Children but not otherwise
and if Edward Leeck should quit my Service before my
decease then his Legacy shall be void and non Effect I give
to my Nephew Thorpe Pyke my Gold Watch and Silver Spurrs
And all my Goods in the East India Companys Warehouse 
I would have Sold by Mr Wm James Gambier Broker in the
best manner he can and pay the Money to my said
Trustees or either one of them and account for them
to the other two Trustees As Witness my hand this 15
Sept 1757
					Jn Pyke

P.S. I would have all my just debts paid in three
Months and the Legacys after my decease I give to my
Nephew John Talman All my Shirts Neckcloths and Stocks and
Handkerchiefs and Shoes I give to my Servant Ann Brittain
Ten Pounds if She lives with me at my decease but not

		15th October 1759
On Which day Appeared Personally John Thorp
of the Parish of Saint Clement Danes in the County of
Middlesex Poulterer and Stephen Pyke of the same Parish
Grocer and being Sworn on the Holy Evangelists to depose the
truth made Oath that they knew and were very well acquainted 
with John Pyke late of the same parish deceased for severall
years before and to the time of his Death which happened on
or about the twenty eighth day of September last past and 
also with his manner and Character of hand writing and
Subscription having often seen him write and Subscribe his name to
Writings and both these Deponents having now seen and carefully
perused the Paper Writing hereunto annexed purporting to be the
last Will and Testament of the said deceased beginning thus
The last Will and Testament of John Pyke of Clare Street Grocer
And ending thus  As Witness my hand this 15 Septr 1757
and thus Subscribed  Jn Pyke  And also the postscript wrote
at the foot or bottom of the said Will beginning thus  P.S.
I would have all my just debts paid in three Months and the
Legacys after my decase   and ending thus   I give to my
Servant Ann Brittain Ten Pounds if She lives with me at my
decease but not otherwise   They threse Deponents do verily
and in their Consciencies believe the said Will and also the
Postscript wrote at the Foot or bottom thereof and 
beginning and Ending as aforesaid And also the Name Jn
Pyke  set and Subscribed to the said Will as aforesaid to
have been totally wrote and Subscribed by and with the
proper hand of thim the said John Pyke deceased Then
Appeared Personally Joseph Burnthwaite of the same parish
Linnen Draper and made Oath that the Deponent was on the day

the said deceased dyed at his the said deceaseds House in
Clare Street in the said Parish and was present when the said
deceaseds Wills was first found after his the said deceaseds 
death And that the Legacy or sum of 60 given therein to
the Charity School of Saint Clement Danes aforesaid Appeared
at that time to have been struck through or obliterated in
manner as it now appeareth And the said Will is now in
the same Plight and Condition as it was when found in
manner aforesaid  John Thorp  Stephen Pyke  Jos
Burnthwaite  same Day the said John Thorp Stephen Pyke
and Joseph Burnthwaite were sworn to the truth of the Premisses
before me  Geo Harris Surrogate Present Edwd Goodwin
Notary Publick

This Will was proved at London the twenty fourth
day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand seven
hundred and Fifty nine before the Worshipfull George Harris Doctor
of Laws and Surrogate of the Right Worshipfull Edward Simpson
also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the
Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the
Oath Elizabeht Thorp Pyke Spinster the Daughter of the 
deceased and Sole Executrix named in the said Will to whom
Administration was granted of all and singular the Goods Chattles
and Credits of the said deceased having been first sworn duly to

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