10 May 1804 Will of John Pyke of Appledore, Northam, and Bideford Devon (proved 2 August 1804)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1413

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I John Pyke
of Appledore in the Parish of Northam but now
living in Bideford in the County of Devon being of
a sound and disposing Mind do make this my last 
will and Testament in manner following First I
give and bequeath to my dear Wife for her natural
life The House in Appledore that now Mr Roblinson
lives in with the following Fields now also rented by 
Mr Roblinson my Interest in Croscombs Field the upper
and Lower Nine Corner Little Staddon the Brick Field
the Windsors now in possession of JOseph Hall as 
Tenant thereof also the plot of Ground being in Front
of the above House now divided into a Green and a
Garden containing  acount three Quarters of an Acre
Farther I give and bequeath to my dear wife for her life
all my Household Furniture of what description soever
with my Plate Glass Table and Bed Linen Lastly I 
give and bequeath to my dear Wife two hundred
Guineas to be hand paid her Six Months after
my death and as my younger Children are now 
unprovided for I desire that the following Estates may
be sold and the Money arising from the somme after
my Just Debts are all paid and ???eral Expences
to be purchased in the publick Funds the Estates are
Granges Gillard's & Franklin's House now in the
Possession of Mr John Lay as Tenant thereof
Earstinore Parks  now in the Possession of 
Thos Stapleton as Tenant thereof Chapel Park
now in the Possession of Mr John Wilcock as 
Tenant thereof Ipps in the Parish of Littleham now
in the possession of John Sussex as Tenant thereof
Pennywell which I Purchased of Mr Devacott in the
Parish of Abbotsham a Mortgage which was given
me on some Houses in Appledore for a hundred and
Fifty pounds by the late Mrs Perchard I mean by
my younger Children Jane Pike Elizabeth Pike
Ann Pike John Pike and Joseph Pike to whom I
give and bequeath the above property to be equally
divided between them Share and share alike on
their attaining the age of twenty one and if either of
them should die before they attain the age of twenty
one then it is my request that their proportion should
be divided equally between the surviving younger 
Children I should have left my dear Son Saml more
but as his uncle has provided for him it has put
it out of my power to give him more than five
Guineas which I do hereby bequeath him and as
it is doubtful whether Ford and East Bowden in the
Parish of Bideford is mine in Fee or not I desire
that an Opinion might be taken and if it is found

that it is in my disposal I do then give to my
Son John Pyke on his attaining the age of 
twenty one years and his Heirs lawfully begotten
and in failure of Heirs in my Son John I do
give it to my son Joseph and his Heirs lawfully
begotten for ever and as by my late Brother's will
he left Houes in the Parish of Buckland and ?????
in the Parish of Branton to be sold to pay his debts
and the Overplus after his Debts were paid he left to
me as his Executor now whatever this Overplus may
be I desire it might be purchased into the Public
Funds for the benefit of my younger Children already
named My Property upon Sea I also leave to my 
younger Children to be sold or not as their Trustees may
think proper I also give and bequeath to my younger
Children 700L in the 5 Pr Cts which the Devonshire
Bank  receive the Interest of 
  and one hundred pounds in the five per Cents which the Bideford Bank receive the Interest of
    to be divided between
them on their attaining the age of twenty one
In order to carry this my last will into Effect I
appoint my Friend Admiral Wickey of Tawton
Peter Furze Esqr of Great Tarrington and my dear Wife
Joint Trustees I also appoint my Wife sole Guardian for
my beloved Children and Executrix to this my last Will
and Testament As witness my hand this tenth day of
May 1804  John pyke LS  witnessed by  Thos Miles  Thomazine
Pyke  Elizabeth Fortune

After my Wife's death the House and Fields in
Appledore I desire may be sold and the Money divided
equally between my younger Children As I forgot a small
Garden known by the name of Tempys Garden now in
 possession of Mr Drew of Bideford and a small
Quay Leased for three lives to Mr Moss I do desire they
may be sold and the Money appropriated as Grange 
and  other Estates The furniture of Kasson House
being mine with the plate &c after Mrs Pyke's Marriage
or at her death I do leave it to the Trustees to be
disposed of at their discretion witness my hand this 10th
May 1804  John Pyke  LS  ??????? Thos Miles  Thomazine
Pyke  Elizabeth Fortune

This Will was proved at London the second
day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and four before the Right Honorable
Sir William Wynne Knight Doctor of Laws Master
Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of
Canterbury lawfully constituted by the Oath of Jane
Pyke Widow the Relict of the deceased and the sole

Executrix named in the said Will to whom Administration 
of all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits of the
said deceased was granted she having been first sworn 
(by Commission) duly to Administer

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