8 November 1564 Will of Joan Pyke of London, widow (proved 10 November 1564)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/47
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In the name of god amen The viii th daie of November 1564 And in the sixt yere
of the raigne of oure most dred soveraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god Quene of Englande France and Ireland
Defender of the faith &c I Johan Pyke of London Widdowe being of perfect mynde and memory lawdes and praise 
be unto got yet sicke in body make and ordeine this my pnte last will and testament in manner and fourme following
That ys to saie First and gove all things I commende my soule to   or lorde Jesue Christ my maker saviour and 
redemer by and thorough whose death passion and resurrection my whole trust and confidens is to be saved and be an
ynheritour of the kingedome of heaven    Item I will my body to be buried in Barking church
as nere the place as my husbande and children are buried as conveniently maye be  Item I make my daughters 
Judith Adrian and Mary my executours And I will give and bequeath to them all my goodes substance and other things
whatsoever they yt be to be equally devided amonge them And if hit fortune anny of them to decease before their 
lawfull age or daies of marriage which first shall channce then I will the parte and portion of her or them deceasing
shall remayne to the survivours equally And if yt fortune all my children to decease before their marriage or ???
full age which first shall channce Then I will all my said substance bequeathed to my saide iii daughters Judyth Adrian
and Mary shalbe devided into twoo equall partes thone halfe wherof I give will and bequeath to and amongest 
the kinnesfolke of my saide late husband Thomas Pyke and the other half or moitie to and amongest my owne 
kinnesfolke  And I make and ordeine Frannces Pope Citizen and merchanttaylor of London and Thomas Devon
Citizen and goldsmith of London overseers of this my pnte testament and last will whome I require to see my
children well brought upp and their partes put in good order as they will answere at the daie of Judgment
for the same  In witnes wherof hereunto I have sett my seale yeven the daie and yere first above writ
ten ??? Broke Sigillanit subscripsit et deliberanit in p???a Jacobi Heath ??? Piat ??? ??? et me??
dicto nory By me James Heath witnes By me Richard Pyat Witnes By me Richard Leyos Witnes

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 10 November 1564]
Deamo decimo Die mensis Novembris Anno Domini Millimo Quingentimo Sexagimo
Judith Adriane et Maria Pyke 

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