13 August 1597 Will of Joachim Pyke of London, grocer (proved 27 September 1597)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/90
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In my beginynge god be my speede to
such as be my Frendes and kinsfolkes and others that have neade Amen In the
name of god and Amen of this my last will and testamente made by me Joachim
Pyke of London grosser being at this present in good healthe and perfect
memorye thankes be given to god for the same and to continewe the same to
his good will and pleasure First I committ my soule into the handes of 
Almightie god assuringe my selfe that by the deathe of my saviour Jesus xpte
I am redeemed, and pardoned, at this presente and shalbe all my synnes and
offences the which is my hartie desire as godes hand and of the whole worlde 
forgivenes to my lives end as I doe hartelie forgive all the worlde by gods infenite
mercye I assure my selfe I am saved and redeemed to his glorye amen First
my bodie I commit to the grounde within the churchyarde of St Mathewes
in frydaye streate neare to Cheepside And for my worldlye goodes I give 
and bequeathe my welbeloved wife Margaret Pike the custome of the Cittye
of London that is the thirde of my whole estate and all the rest that dothe
remayne of all theise my Legaceys that here I have given my debtes beinge
payed the which I trust in god doth amounte unto in the whole in good debts
to ????owtie parte ? Thowsande markes all debtes legaceys funerall and
all matters dischardged at the ?est I hope  This my will is that my wife
Margarett Pyke and John Basegrave my cosen to be my Executors
and I doe appoynte to be my overseers my cosen Mr Randall Manninge 
and my Mr that was Mr Willm Harrye grocer my very good Freindes to see
theise my legaceys performed I doe give unto my cosen John Bossgrave my other
Executor fiftie poundes to be payed within three monethes after my departinge
more I doe give unto tenn poore men ether of them a gowne of twentie shillings
???? a peece and five poundes doe give to diverse poore people that dwelleth
with owte the Liberties more I doe give twentye shillinges to the poorer
at my buryall More I doe give unto the towne of Renhall one hundered 
poundes to be payed forth for fortie yeares after the ?ate of Statute
for tenn poundes which tenn poundes is to be given to ??scholemaster for
towardes his maynetennce for the teachinge and scholinge of poore mens
childeren of that towne of Renhall the which I doe chardge my overssers
and the churchwardens of the parish of Renhall to take good securitie
?? my wife that yt maye be performed and after that fortie yeares is 
expired then that hundered poundes to be repayed in whose handes soe ever
?? is in to the church wardens of Renhall for to mende the churche of
Renhall and whosoever payeth yt them in I would entreate him to take 
???des of those churchwardens that yt may be soe bestowed I give to 
the childeren five poundes of Christes hospitall for that they maye goe
with me to church at my buryall of my bodie thether and my bodie to bee
buryed in St Mathewes churchyarde ever in the place that my brother 
Willm Pike weare buryed in frydaye streate the which was in thee
churchyarde and there my bodie to be layed alsoe and on my grave I
woulde have a great freise stone boughte for to make a Tomme with
??? and to be underlayed with Brickes abought somme yarde ??ghe 
and it to stand over the place where wee lye I doe give five poundes 
for to doe yt withall and yt to be done within three monethes after my
deathe more I doe five poundes to that church stocke in condicion they

they will suffer that to be done or els not the whcih five poundes I doe will
my wife to see yt payed them within three monethes I doe give Mr Prest 
the minister to that church fortie shillinges and he to make a sermon for me
at my buryall I doe give to the minister and the clarke of the parishe where
I doe dwell tenn shillinges a peece and more my will is tenn poundes I doe 
give to have yt bestowed on a Bankett amongest my good Freindes and 
neighbours and more if my wife be with childe if yt pleaseth god to suffer
her to be safe delivered and if yt be a boye I doe give her one hundered and
fiftie poundes and yt to be payed the childe at one and twentye yeares
of age and if yt be a maide childe then it to have one hundered poundes
and yt to be payed at her daye of marriage I doe give my brother Harye
Dods thre yardes of black cloth for to make him a cloake and my mother
dods thre yardes and my sister Katherine Dods thre yardes Alsoe of
sixtene shillinges the yarde and I doe give to my cosen Willm Clarke ot
Renhall three yardes of blacke Cloth and my cosen John Clarke of Mars??
other three yardes one this condition that they be both at London to weare 
them at my funerall or els not to be given them and the price of that to be 
of sixteene shillinges a yarde and my cosen Margaret Lowe thre yardes 
halfe to her a gowne and tenn poundes in money and my cosen Rose Lowe
three yardes alsoe of sixteene shillinges a yarde and more in money fortye
poundes to be payed her at her marriage daye Alsoe I doe give to my cosen
Mrs Ards as much clothe as will make her a gowne of xxi ? if shee be
here alsoe or els not I doe give to the poore of Renhall tenn poundes
and yt to be payed in tenn yeares twentie shillinges a yeare till that tenn
poundes is payed I doe give to the poore of St Peters in Bedford five pounds
to be payed by tenn shillinges a yeare tell this five poundes be payed and more
I doe give to my uncle Robert Clarker the somme of three poundes ? a yeare for
soe longe as he liveth besides the newytie of fower poundes that I am bound
for to paye him yearely as appeareth by obligacon soe my will is that he is
to have in all seaven poundes of my Executors my wife and to my man
Richad and to John and to my mayde that tis with me a gowne cloth and
other two servanntes each of them a cloake cloth of twelve shillinges the
yarde and blacke Jerken and hose alsoe Alsoe I doe give to my cosen
John Bosegrave his sonne John the somme of fiftie poundes the which 
fiftie poundes to be payed at this beynge of one and twentie yeares of 
age if he be lyvinge then doe I give unto the reste of his childeren that ??
lawfullie begotten of his owne bodye and soe be equallie devided amongest 
them and alsoe I doe give to my overseers One Randall Manninge and
Mr Willm Harrye ech of them and my Executor John Bosegrave ech of
them as much cloth as will make three gownes at twentye shillinges
a yarde and ech of them alsoe fortie shillinges a peece for to make 
ech of them a ringe for to weare for me theise my Legaceys I doe 
binde and charge my welbeloved wife my Executrix and my overseers 
alsoe for to see them all performed within one yeare after my buriall
of a child that I made mencion of in my wiffs wombe if she hath not
anie then doe I give it to my wife Margaret Pike soe I praye to god to
blesse her and to send her well to doe to her comforte and joy soe
longe as she doth live Thus leaving my selfe to the Lorde his good
will and pleasure This my last will and testamente being made the
thirteenth ?? one thowsand five hundered ninetie seaven and in the nine
and thirtith yeare of the raigne queenes maiesties Raigne that nowe

as I pray you good wife and cosen Bosegrave that theise my legaceys be performed
effectuallye in Kindnes toegether this my last will beinge made in my good and 
perfecte memory I doe give my god prayse for yt and this my will beinge
written all with my owne hande and sealed with my owne seale eaven the thirtenth
daye of August one thowsand five hundered nintie seaven and heare desiring of
god to receyve my soule to his glory and his everlastinge kingdome Amen
By me Joachim Pyke of London grocer

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 27 September 1597]
vicesimo sexto die mensis
Septembris Anno Dni Millesimo quingentesimo nonagesimo Septimo
Margarete Pyke relicte

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