12 May 1834 Will of Jane Farley Pyke of Appledore, Northam, and Great Torrington, Devon, widow (proved 29 June 1835)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1848

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I Jane Farley Pyke Widow being in full possession of all my
faculties do on this day 12 of May 1834 make this my last Will and Testament
revoking all former Wills whatever my Soul I humbly commit to the mercy of
my God fully relying on the attonement of this blessed Son for miserable Sinners
and for my Earthly remains and carrying the other bequests of this my Will into
full effect I appoint Mr Vernon of Appledore acting Executor bearing him harmless
as to expence and with a remembrance of five pounds to purchase a ring first
my funeral expences I Jane Farley Pyke request to be buried at Northam in the
same Grave with my lamented husband very early in the Morning so as the
Funeral to be perfectly private I should like as early as seven o'Clock with only the
Hearse and one Mourning Coach six por Men of Northam or Appledore to
take the body from the Hearse to the Church and then to the Grave To have a
half sovereign each no Gloves or hatbands The Clergyman of Northam two
sovereigns no Golves or hatband The Clergyman of Torrington the same sum no
Gloves or hatband The Clerks and Sexons of each Parish five shillings each no
Gloves or hatbands By my Deed of Marriage Settlement my Paternal fortune was
vested in this manner that during my husband and my joint lives we might
exchange or use any part of the money making it accountable for at my death
to be divided between my surviving Children with this clause that and Child or 
Children which died before me their share became at my absolute disposal 
having had the misfortune of burying a Son and a daughter I now make

by this my Will a disposal of these shares my Funeral expences and just debts to be
paid out of the general Stock before any division takes place Servants Mourning to 
be ordered by my daughter Elizth Pyke my Executor is to see all these bills fully paid
and then the Property which is as follows divided into six parts Estates in Chudleigh
Lake in Woodland Parish | Wesecott and Pauls in Albington & Abbotsham | These 
Estates were purchased by purchased by Transfer of Property sold at Chudleight also
L1000 for the purchase of a field the Land and building the House at Appledore
L???? money in the funds my Daughter Ann Pykes share I give to my Son Joseph
Pyke to him and his heirs for ever To my Daughter Elizabeth Pyke I give my Son
Samuel Pykes share to her and her heirs for ever The only reason omitting the
names of my Son John Pyke is my having given up to him a share of Leasehold
Property value about 400 and not dividing my daughter Ann Pykes share with her
Sister Jane Farley husband is the bequest of a legacy from Mrs Milles and money
advanced to the said Jane Farley Husband for debts ? which sums would be more
then dividing Anns share with her Sister Elizth Pyke The remembrances of affection I
wish to leave are as follows to be paid jointly by my Son Joseph Pyke and my
Daughter Elizth Pyke out of my Legacy to them To my Daughter Jane Farley
Husband twenty pounds to my Daughter Caroline Pyke twenty pounds to Emily
Stafford if my Son Joseph Pykes Wife twenty pounds to my Grand Children Elizth
Husband Charlotte Husband James Husband William Husband Caroline Pyke and
Ann Pyke five pounds each To my old Servant Mary ten pound and my cloaths
Mr John Pykes property undivided is five fields at Appledore 800 in the Funds
Money for the Sale of Cappel Park and a Seat in Biddeford Church The Plate
linen and furniture of this house belongs to Joseph Pyke and Elizth Pyke share
and share alike and all the books except those particularly marked in Elizth Pykes
name which has been yearly bought and given her the furniture &c was given by
Mr J Pykes to the dicretion & disposal of the Trustees Adml Wickey Mr Furse and
myself my Son John gave up all claim on it so it was given after my death to
Joseph Pyke Elizth Pyke and Jane Husbands who when she was going to India
with her husband wanted money it was therefore all valued and Joseph Pyke and
Elizth Pyke united and purchased Mrs Husbands share and paid her Husband
the money for it               			      Signed by me
Jane Pyke  LS  in the presence of the Witnesses  Mary Downing
  Hannah Bowden  Ann Dart

If my Daughter Jane Husbands repays before my death L150 advanced to
her then I give her as a Legacy one hundred and fifty pounds out of of my
Daughter Elizth Pykes share But not else  	Jane Pyke

Appeared Personally Mary Downing of
Great Torrington in the County of Devon Spinster Charles William Johnson of
Torrington Gentleman and William Callon the younger of Bideford in the
said County Gentleman and severall made oath as follows and first the said Mary
Downing for herself made oath that she is one of the subscribed Witnesses to the 
last Will and Testament of Jane Farley Pyke formerly of Appledore in the Parish of
Northam in the County of Devon but late of Great Torrington in the same County
Widow now hereunto annexed and well remembers that on the twelfth day of May
one thousand eight hundred and thirty four being the day of the date thereof she
attended at the house of the late Jane Farley Pyke and at the request of the said
deceased for the purpose of attesting the execution of the said Will and having now
particularly observed the words and marks appearing at the foot of the said Will
to wit Signed by me Jane Pyke in the presence of she further said that nothing
particular passed between the deceased and the subscribed Witnesses relative to the
obliteration And the said Charles William Johnson and William Callon the Younger
for themselves jointly made oath that they knew and were well acquainted with the
said Deceased for several years before and down to the time of her decease and during
that time have frequently seen her write and also write and subscribe her name and

having now carefully viewed and inspected the said Will and also the Codicil at 
the foot thereof the said Codicil being contained in the words following to wit If 
my Daughter Jane Husbands repays before my death L150 advanced to Her
Then I give her as a Legacy one hundred and fifty pounds out of of my Daughter
Elizth Pykes share But not else and thus subscribed Jane Pyke and having also
observed the figure 1 between the words 'Northam' and 'two' in the twenty sixth
line of the first side the interlineation of the words "or Children" and also the words
"before me" between the sixth and seventh lines of the second side the word "Stock"
and also the word "any" written upon an erazure in the thirteenth line of the same
side the figures "1400" struck through in the twenty fifth line of the same side
and the figures "900" written over the same the word "not" interlined between the
third and fourth line of the third side of the said Will the words "out of my
legacy to them appearing to have been interlined in the fifteenth line of the
same side and the word "Share" appearing to have been written on an erazure
in the fifteenth line of the fourth side of the said Will they these Deponents say
they do verily and in their consciences believe the whole body series and contents
of the said Codicil and the said recited subscription thereto and the said alterations
Interlineations and Erazures in the said Will to be of the proper handwriting of the
said Deceased   Mary Downing   Charles William Johnson 
  On the twenty second day of June one thousand eight hundred and thirty five
the said Mary Downing and Charles Wiliam Johnson were duly sworn to the truth
of this Affidavit before me   Thos H V Mill Commissioner
Wm Callon Jun  On the twenty second day of June one thousand eight
hundred and thirty five the said William Callon the Younger was duly sworn to the
truth of this Affidavit before me  Thos H V Mill Commissioner

Proved at London with a Codicil 29th June 1835 before the Judge by the oath of
Richard Vernon the sole Executor to whom Administration was granted having been
first sworn by Commission duly to Administer

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