24 December 1558 Will of Elizabeth Pyke of Marten, West Bedwyn, Wiltshire, widow (proved 13 February 1558)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/42A

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In dei nomine Amen The xxiiii th day of December And in the yeare of
oure lorde god a thousannde five hundred fiftie and eighte I Elizabeth Pyke widowe of Marten
and in the parishe of West Bedwyn being sicke of bodie but of parfite mynde and Remembrannce
do ordeyne and make my last will adn testament in maner and fourme followinge That is to saie
First I give amy sowle to almightie god my saviour and Redemer and I will my bodie to be buryed
by Robert Pyke my husbonde Item I give to my parishe Churche a heyfer towardes the mayn-
tenannce of waxe tapers yerely to be burned before the blessed sacrament or otherwise to be
ymployed for and towardes the better mayntennce of my parishe Churche Item I give to the
cathedrall Churche of S??? ii d Item I give to the parishe Churche of Tytcombe one busshell
of wheate Item I give to xpian Martyne one of my white peticots Item I give to
Elizabeth PERkyns one of myne olde peticots And I give to Maryane Whitwey a kerchew
and another to Garretts wif Item I give to Crucheman and garrett to eche of them
a busshell of wheate Item I give to Bennett a busshell of wheate and to his wif my best
petycote Item I give to John Remdale my godchilde a sheepe Item I give to evry of my god
children a busshell of wheate Item I give to mother Grigg of Tytendbe a porke of wheat
Item I give to Willm Pyke and Robert Pyke my husbands sonnes eche of theyme a quarter
of wheate Item I give to my daughter Briggett Pike ii payre of my best beades wt two of
my best harnesse gurdles Item to the same Briggett my best wedding gowne the damaske
that lyeth at Thomas Taylors to make a payre of sleves a pece of redde clothe to make a
peticote my husbands gowne of browne blue to make her a Frocke and all my wearinge
lynnen not before gyven And I give also to the forsaid Briggett all my golde Ryngs Item I give
to Willm Pike the younger Thomas Pike adn John Pike my sonnes and to every of theym a bedd
wt thappurtenncs and eche of theym fourtie pence And also to Brigett my doughter twentie
sheepe indifferentlie to be delyvered as they be r??yinge at the lete Item I give to evry of my
thre sonnes Willm the younger Thomas and John Pike and to evry of theym a fyne sheete Item I 
give to Thomas Pike and John Pike my sonnes a harnes girdle wt a payre of beads st stones of
silvr And if yt fortune any of my forwaid children Willm Pike the younger Thomas John or Briggett
do dye Then I will the legacies of any one of theym or moo so dyeing equally or wholly to
remayne to the survivours or survivor of theym Item I give to Gargett a lambe Item I give to
evry of my srvannts half a busshell of wheate Item I give to my godchild at kemmers a lambe Item
I will Edmunde Pike my sonne to be at the charges for and towardes bringing upp of his thre
brothers and sister Briggett untill xviii yeares of age if they be not well placed or other
wise bestowed as he may according to his habilitie And if he refuce so to do or wilfullye
refuce to do after and by the advise of myne ovrsears concernyng the bringing upp of his thre
brothers and sister aforesaid and also concernyng the usage occupienge and letting and settynge
the lease and terme of yeares of the ferme of Marten wt the holle stocke and store goodes and
catalls and other ymplements belonginge to the same the whiche I do assigne and give to the foresaid
Edmunde Pike my sonne ovr and above the legacs of my late husbande Robert Pike and ovr and
above my legacies in this my last will Then I will my ovrsears to take into theire handes
aswell my farme and lease for terme of yeares of the farme of Martyn and the stocke goodes
catalls and ymplements belonging to the same to the use and towardes the brynging upp of my
children untill they be xvii yeres of age and all proufetts and prouffetts that may come of the
same farme goodes catalls stocks and Store and ymplements to be converted to my childrens use
and towardes the payment of my legacs and my husbands so farre as ytt will goo if any thing
be saved And then I will the same Edmunde to have the farme wt the goodes cattals stock and
store adn ymplements belonging to the same by the assignement and appoyntment of my ovrseares
and for the PERfourmannce of this my last will I do make Edmunde Pike my sonne my wholle
executor And I do make John Androwes and Robert Woodrofe my brothers and my Cosynne
John Tutt my ovrsears theise beinge witnesses John Smyth vicare of Bedwyn Edwarde
Foster Clerke John Androwes John Tutt Margarett Kemer wt dyvers others

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in Latin to grant probate on 13 February 1558]
decimo tercio die
mensis Februarii Anno dni millimo quingentesimo quinquagesimo octavo
Edd Pike executoris

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