15 June 1615 Will of Edmunde Pyke of Merten, West Bedwyn, Wiltshire, gentleman (proved 13 February 1615)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/127

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In the name of God amen The 
fiftenthe daye of June in the yeare of oure Lorde God one thowsand
six hundred and fiftene and in the year of the of the Raigne of oure Sovereigne
Lorde James by the grace of God of Englande Scotland Frannce & Ireland
kinge defender of the faithe &c (that is to saye) of Englande Frannce & Ireland
the thirtenthe and of Scotland the eighte and fortithe I Edmunde Pyke of
Merton in the Parrishe of West Bedwyn in the Countye of Wiltes gent
fyndinge myself diseased and langinshinge of sicknes and become ympotent
in my leggs and daylie expectinge and desyringe a happie departure of my
Soule from my Body and to be wth my Savior Jesus Christe in sure & perfect
hope and confidence by his merrits and mercie of a ioyfull resurrection And
beinge of good and perfect memorie and capacitie to distribute and dispose
suche things as my mercifull God hathe comitted to my distribucon unto
whome I yeilde all glorie and thankfulnes for his infinite benefitts doe make
and ordayne this my last will and testament in mannr and fourme followinge
Firste I commende my Soule to allmightie God the Father my Creator and Jesus
Christe his only Sonne my Savioure and Redeemr and the Holy Ghoste my sanctifier
one eternall and omnipotent God I havinge a certaine and sure hope by the merrits
of my Savior Jesus Christe of a blessed and ioyfull resurreccon unto ioye & lyfe 
eternall And I desyre that my bodye maye be decently buried in Christian
buriall accordinge to the discreacon of my executor Item I geve and bequeathe
towardes the reparacons of the Cathedral churche of Sarum Three shillings fower
pence And towardes the reparacons and mayntennce of the PARishe churche of west
Bedwin Tenn shillings Item I will that my executor shall provide a convenient
longe Cushion to lye and a fayre convenient Pulpitt clothe of silke to hange
on the Pulpitt of the Parrishe churche of West Bedwyn before suche Preachers
as will and doe preache God his divine worde in the sayd Pulpitt But provided
(yf I procure and deliver the same) in my lyfe tyme my executor shall not be
charged to provide suche Cushion and Pulpitt clothe Item I give towardes the
relief of the poore people dwellinge wthin the Parrishe of West Bedwyn Forty
shillings to be distributed amongste them accordinge to the discreacon of my execor
And towardes the relief of the poore people dwellinge wthin the Towne of Shal-
borne Tenn shillings And to and for the poore people of the PARishe of Titcombe
Five shillings to be alsoe distributed amongste them accordinge to the discreacon
of my executor Item I give and bequeathe to everie one of my Sonne Edmond
Pyke his children (vizt) Edmonde John Ellinor Marye Elizabeth Katherine and
Bridgett Twenty pounde to each of them as a token and remembrance of my
love towardes everie one of them And either of the sayd Edmonde and John
Pyke sonnes of my Sonne Edmonde Pyke to have the sayd some of Twenty pound
or some profitte thereof accordinge to the discreacon of my executor whenas he
shall and dothe attayne unto and accomplishe thage of Twenty and one yeares
And everie of my sayd Sonne his daughters to have her sayd Some or porcon
of Twenty pounds whenas shee shall and dothe attayne unto and accomplishe
the age of eightene yeares or daye of her marriage wth the good and well lyking
									& consent

& consent of hir Parents and accordinge to the discreacon of my executor or the
proffitt and benefitt thereof Item I give to Thomas Pike my brother a peece
of goulde called an Angell Item I give to James Herne my servant (yf he
contynewe in my service untill my dePARture oute of this worlde) Twenty shill
Item I give to everie one of my Servants (dwellinge in my Howse as a do-
mestic all servnnts atthe tyme of my cease and hathe dwelte wth me three
yeares and upwardes Three shillings and fower pence Item I give and bequeath
to my wellbeloved daughter in lawe Elizabeth Pyke my Sonne his wief (as a
shewe of my kynde acceptance of hir good behavior towardes me and of my
thankfulnes towardes her for the same Five pound of the best goulde in my
custodie I alsoe give and bequeathe to suche of the Inhabitants of Titcombe
(as possesse errable Lande there) Tenn shillings Item to the Inhabitants of
Wexcombe possessinge errable Lande there Thirtene shillings fower pence Item
to the like Inhabitants of Merton possessinge errable Lande there other then
of my Farme Tenn shillings And to the Inhabitants of Welton als Wilton
possessinge errable Lande there Tenn shillings Everie of the sayd severall
Sommes to be delivered unto one or two of the Inhabitants of everie of the
sayd PARticuler Towneshippes or Hamletts to be by them appoynted to receive 
the same to and for thuse of the same Inhabitants before specified in everie the
sayd PARticulaer Towneshippe or Hamlett in wch they dwell And everie of the
sayd severall Somes of mony by the direction of the greater PARte of the Inhabitants
of everie the sayd PARticuler Towneshippes or Hamletts to whome any of the sayd
Somes is appointed as aforesayd wth the advice and consent of my executor
shalbe devided & limitted to everie suche person a parte as hathe susteyned damage by the
flighe of Pigeons of my Pigeonhowse as in satisfaccon thereof Or otherwise yf
the Inhabitants of all or any the Towneships or Hamletts shall soe agree emongst
themselves that the sayd Sommes of mony (to them in forme aforesayd bequethed)
shalbe distributed to the Poore Then somuche of the sayd mony (as by suche agreemt
shalbe yeilded to be distributed) shalbe distributed accordinglie And I doe hereby
ordayne and make my lovinge Nephewe John Shuter gent overseer of this my
last will and testament desyringe him not only to instructe and call uppon my
executor but alsoe to advise him for the performance of this my last will & well
educatinge in religious and vertuous educacon his children to be true xpians
by the grace of the Holy Ghoste And as in token   and remembrannce
of my love towardes him the sayd John Shuter I give unto him Fourtye
shillings The residue of all my Leases goodes chattells not only reall but also
personall Fearmes Tenements Meadowes Leasues Pastures Debts unto me owed by
Judgements and Specialties otherwise howsoevr Stocks and Stores and all Howse-
hould stuffe and Implements of Howshould moveable and unmoveable not before
herein given and bequeathed willed or devised I give bequeathe will and devize the
same and everie PARte thereof to my sayde welbeloved Sonne Edmonde Pyke to
make him the better able to trayne and bringe up his children (wch God hathe
given unto him) int he true knowledge and feare of god in hope by his divine
grace of good perseverance therein all the dayes of theire lives And for the better
obteyninge thereof I praye allmightie god for the merritts of my Savioure Jesue
Christe to blesse and directe them wth his Spiritt In wittnes whereof I the
sayd Edmonde Pyke the Testator and eldest of that name have written this
my last willa nd testament wth my owne hande and hereunto subscribed my
name the daye and yeare firste above written By me the abovenamed Edmond
Pyke theldest of that name the above sayd Testator Witnesses John Shuter
Robert Hynnynge Thomas Pyke					Quinto die

[the final paragraph is in Latin and appear to grant probate on 5 January 1615]
Quinto die mensis Januarii
anno [...] millesimo sexcentmo
decimo quinto 
Edmundo Pyke filio

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