30 March 1540 Will of Alice Pycke of St John, Glastonbury, gentlewoman and widow (proved 26 June 1540)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/28

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In the name of god Amen the xxx day of Marche in the
yere of o lorde god a thousand fyve hundred and Fourty and in the xxx?? yere also of the Reign of o Souveraign
lord kyng henry the eight Supreme heede next under Chryste of the Churche of England I Alse pycke
gentlewoman wydowe of the parish of saint John?within the Towne of Glastonburye being hole of mynd
and good Remembrance make my last will and testament in manner following First I bequeathe my Soule to
almyghty god and my body to be buried within the prshe churche of Saint Johns before namyd before thalter
of the ?inite Itm I give to the Saint Church for my buryall Fourty shillings Itm I give unto the foure
princypall hyhts? in the same churche ?s ??d Itm I will there shalbe delt at my buriall my monethe mynd
and twelvemonethe mynde to the poore people twenty pound Item I will that evry prest there present shall
have xiid Itm I give and bequeath to my son master Stevyn Peycke my best cupp withe the covr of Silvr
and gylt my best salce with Sex of my best Spones Item to Mres Dorathe pycke my Daughter in
lawe a Standyng Cupp with the covr of sylvr and gilt enamellyd above Itm I give to my daughter
mes?es Jane wal?o? my best Gowne my best kyrsill of R?ght Satyn of Grand Color my best bonet and
my Frontlett Itm to the same my best mantell Item I give unto my Daughter mes???s margerye R?? my
second best Gowne a kyrtill of blacke Saten my second best bonet and Frontlett Itm to the same a litle
Fetherbedd with the bolster a litle covrlett and a pyllowe with a paire of shets and also an Ale Cuppe
withe the covr of Silvr and gylt Itm I give unto s? Thomas Barrett my prest for his faithfull svice that
he hathe done me a Standyng cupp with the Cover of Sylvr and gilt havyng in the bothome the

Image of Thomas Beckett Item to the same my Chalice and my best Covrlett Itm to s? James Smythe
my goostly Father I give and bequeath a litle ale cupp with the cover of Sylvr Itm to the same a Fetherbed
with the bolster and a pillowe ii pare of shets one of iii le?ys and the other of ii le?es Itm for bicause the
said s? James my goostly father is nowe without s??ce I will he have fyve nobles to syng for me one ???
of the yere Item I give unto margerye attewe Widowe for her great paines and lovyng hert evr towards me
???x????d Item to the same one pare of shets Item I give and bequeith to Julyane attewe to helpe to mary
her ??? Item I give to hugh Savage ??s Item I give unto Isabell fastar ??s ??d Item I give unto evry one
of my godchilden ???d The rest of my goodes unbequest bothe moveable and unmoveable I give unto
my son master Stephen pycke whom I make my full Executor of this my last will And for the s?re?
pformance hereof I requyre and also will that m? John Walton and s? Thomas Barrett my prest
to be my Supvisors and for thair paines in Supvysing heroff I woll that either of them shall have ??????s
???d Witnes of this my last will S? James Smythe S? Thomas Barett prests Thomas Uppam
Thomas penny Thomas Clercke and Peter m???

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in latin and appears to grant admin
on 26 June 1540 "vicesimo sexto die mensis Junii anno Dno Millmo Quingentesimo Quadragesimo"]

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