23 September 1833 Will of Susan Towell Pike, widow of Exmouth, Devon (proved 9 July 1834)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1834
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This is the last Will and Testament of me
Susan Towell Pike of Exmouth in the County of Devon Widow I give and
bequeath unto my two friends Mr George B????? of Exeter Linen Draper and
Robert Thomas Me????? of Exmouth aforesaid Gentleman their executors
administrators and assigns All and singular my ????hold messuages tenements
and premises situate in Exmouth aforesaid or elsewhere Upon trust to receive and
lay out and apply the rents and produce thereof for and towards the ????????
benefit and education of my three children Susan Elizabeth Pike William Pike
and John Horatio Pike and the survivor and survivors of them until my
said daughter Susan Elizabeth Pike shall have attained the age of twenty
one years and or her arrival at that age or in case of her death before 
that time  then and in either of the said events my desire is that the said
trustees or the survivor of them shall absolutely sell and dispose in any
way they shall think meet all and singular my said leasehold estates
and all other my property and effects whatsoever and wheresoever and pay
and apply one half part of the money to ??????????? after such sale ?????? my said daughter
Susan Elizabeth for her own sole use and benefit and the other half part
of said monies unto and amongst my said two sons William Pike and John
Horatio Pike for their own use and benefit share and share alike And
I declare the receipt of my said trustee or the survivor of them shall be
a sufficient discharge to any purchase And I appoint the said George
B???? and Robert Thomas Meeh?? Executors in trust of this my Will dated

the twenty third day of September 1833  S T Pike  LS  Signed and
published in the presence of  C??? Burrington Clerk to Mr Bussell Exeter
 In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
		In the Goods of Susan Towell Pike widow deceased

  Appeared Personally Samuel Thomas Gilbert of the City 
of the Exeter Linen Draper ??? gave Oath that he knew and was well
acquainted with Susan Towell Pike late of Exmouth in the County of
Devon Widow deceased and also with her manner and character of hand
writing and subscription having previously seen her write and write and
subscribe her name and having now with ??? and attention viewed and
observed the paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be and contain
the last will and Testament of the said deceased and which said will is hereunto
annexed and begins thus This is the last Will and Testament of me Susan
Towell Pike of Exmouth in the County of Devon widow" ends thus "Dated
this twenty third day of September 1833" and is thus subscribed "S.T.Pike" He
this Deponent doth say he verily and in his conscience believes the said
name "S.T.Pike" so set and subscribed to the said Will to be of the proper 
handwriting and subscription of the said Susan Towell Pike widow the
said Testratrix deceased  S T Gilbert  On Saturday the fifth day of
July 1834 the said Samuel Thomas Gilbert was duly sworn to the truth of
the aforegoing Affidavit ?????? of the ??????? Commission Before me
Charles Ha??vard Commiss????

Proved at London 9th July 1834 before the Judge by the Oath of George
Bra??? in the Will written Br??? and Robert Thomas Meehan the Exors to whom
Admon was granted having been first sworn by Comon duly to administer

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