[undated] Will of Sarah Pike of Elworthy, Somerset, spinster (proved 9 February 1816)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1577

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In the Name of God Amen
I Sarah Pike of Elworthy in the County of Somerset Spinster being of sound

mind memory & understanding do make this my last Will & Testament
in manner following that is to say after all my just Debts & funeral Expences
are paid I give & bequeath all my Estates & Poperty real & personal of what
description soever unto my two Friends John Phillips of the City of Exeter
Glover & Caleb Hedgeland of the said City Builder their Heirs Exors & Admors
in Trust nevertheless that they my said Trustees do & shall permit & suffer my
dear Father John Pike to have the sole use enjoyment of Rents Profits & Interest
whether eal or personal during his natural Life And immediately from &
after his decease I do will & direct that my said Trustees John Phillips 
and Caleb Hedgeland their Heirs Exors & Admors do & shall divide in three
equal parts the whole of my property whether real or personal of what
description soever by Sale or otherways at their discretion and assign transfer
and convey over the said Trust Monies & Securities to & amongst my three
Sisters Elizabeth Lackington Mary Hedgeland & Jane Wotton share & alike
as Tenants in Common & not as joint Tenants and I do will that the said
third part of share payable to Elizabeth Lackington be paid her by eight
different Instalments or quarterly payments to commence three months after
my Interment or death of my Father as shall so happen & continue to be paid
one Eighth of her said Share each three months or quarterly payments until
the whole is paid & if she should not survive the quotient to be equally 
divided between her three daughters Mary Elizabeth & Jane Lackington
provided always & my Will is that the said John Phillips & Caleb Hedgeland
their Heirs Executors & Admors shall & may from time to time deduct & retain
out of the said Monies or Effects which come to their Trust all lawful and reasonable
Costs Charges & Expences attending the same and that they shall not be
chargeable but only each of them for his own respective receipts payments
& wilful defaults & not otherways nor with any loss or damage which may
happen in placing out the said Trust Monies or Securities or in any
Bank or Bankers Hands for safe Custody or by reason of the Execution of
the Trust hereby in them reposed without his or their wilful default And I
do hereby nominate & appoint my said Father John Pike my Sister Mary
Hedgeland & the said John Phillips and Caleb Hedgeland Executors and
Executrix of this my last Will & Testament In Witness whereof I the said
Sarah Pike have hereunto set my Hand & Seal  Sarah Pike  LS  Signed
sealed delivered & published in the presence  Jn ???? Betty ??urse
John Blackmore

Proved at London 9th February 1816 before the Judge by the Oaths
of Mary Hedgeland (wife of Caleb Hedgeland) John Phillips & Caleb
Hedgeland three of the Exors to whom Admon was granted having
been first sworn by Comon duly to administer Power reserved to John
Pike the Father & other Exor

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