1 April 1774 Will of Samuel Pike of London, formerly of Cork, merchant (proved 22 March 1779)

Source: TNA, PROB 11/1051
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I Samuel Pike
formerly of the City of Cork Mercht but now of London at
No 30 Little Bell Alley Coleman Street being at this
Present Writing of sound mind and memory for which
favour and Mercy my Spirit is respectively bowed with
humble thankfulness to Almighty God the Father and fountain of every
good and perfect gift and hoping for Salvation alone through
the Merits and Sufferings of his dearly beloved son our Lord
and Saviour Jesus Christ I do make this my last Will and
Testament in manner following hereby revoking all former
     Will or Wills heretofore by me made Imprimis 
my will is that all my Just Debts shall be paid and discharged 
Item I give unto my Nephew Samuel Strangman twenty
pound Item I give unto Ann Strangman Daughter of my
Nephew Joshua Strangman twenty pound as also my Gold
Watch as a token of my love and should have bequeathed
her more but that I apprend it is containd in the bequest
to her Father Item whereas I have held Lodgings from
Susanna Green spinster and her Mother deceased at No 30
Little Bell Alley Coleman Street London for near twenty
years last past and believing her to be an honest Sober
and Virtuous Woman and who has hitherto supported herself 
by her own labour and Industry with Reputation and
Credit well known in that Parish and elsewhere and she
having no Relations or Friends from whom she can derive 
the least Aid or assistance for her future Support are the only
Motives that has excited my humanity to assist her and
therefore I do hereby give and bequeath unto the said
Susanna Green Spinster the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds

   I also give and Bequeath unto her all my Household
Goods and Furniture Linen wearing apparel and plate if I
have any at the time of my decease of what nature or kind
soever they my be I also Give unto her the Lease of the
House I hold from Aldm John Sawbridge at Tottenham Cross
all for her sole use and behoof and I desire my Execrs
hereafter named may assist her by Advice or otherwise as
occasion may Offer Item I give unto Ann Reeves the
servant that has lived with her many years the sum of 
Ten pounds Item I give unto my beloved Friend John
Bland of Lombard Street Banker (who was a true Friend
to me in time of need) twenty Guineas as a token of my
Gratitude but it should have been a much greater sum
had not my circumstances been greatly reduced by wicked 
and unjust Men Pticularly by Samuel Hoare of London
Mercht who under Colour of Law has robbd me of a 
large paternal Inheritance and otherwise most Cruely and
barbarously used me but notwithstanding I have suffered the
deepest Afflictions by his means yet I seek for no other
revenge than that the Almighty may Please to change his
Heart and give him a clear discernment of the Evil of 
what he has done  and finally that he may find a place
of true repentance before it be too late to answer at that
Tremendous Tribunal of Justice where we must all appear 
to receive the rewards of our Actions in this life whether
they be good or Evil Item all the residue of my Estate or
Effects by they Real or Psonal that I shall be in possessd of 
at the time of my death after my Debts and the aforesaid 
Legacies are paid ??? and discharged I give and Bequeath unto
my Nephew Joshua Strangman of Leek in Staffordshire to him
and his Heirs for ever Item I Constitute and Appoint my said
Nephew Joshua Strangman Jointly with my dear Friend
John Blank Banker aforesaid to be Executors to this my
last Will and Testament In Testimony whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and seal in Presence of the subscribing witnesses
at Tottenham High Cross County of Middx the 1st day of the
fourth Month called April 1774  Samuel Pike LS Witness
Thomas Hayman Edward Wakefield Gopsill Hagen 

As a Codicil to the aforegoing will I Give
and Bequeath unto Saml Neale of Cork in Ireland and
unto his wife Sarah Neale twenty Guineas as a token of 
my love and esteem for them and should have been glad to
have given a much larger sum but for the reasons containd
in the aforegoing will Witness my hand Tottenham High Cross
11th 6mo called June 1776 Samuel Pike

This Will was proved at London with a Codicil the
twenty second Day of March in the year of our Lord one
thousand seven hundred and seventy nine before the Worshipful

Worshipful Andrew Coltee Ducarel Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the
Right Worshipful Peter Calvert Doctor of Laws Master Keeper 
or Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted 
by Joshua Strangman and John Bland the Executors named
in the said Will to whom Administration was granted of all
and singular the Gods Chattels and Credits of the deceased they
having first made a solemn and sincere Declaration or Affirmation
According to Act of Parliament duly to Administer

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