22 February 1670 Will of Samuell Pike of Horton, Somerset (proved 8 November 1671)

The original will can be obtained online from The National Archives.

Source: TNA, PROB 11/337

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Memo That Samuell Pike late of Horton in the County of Somersett Deceased
On the Two and Twentieth Day of February last past being in the yeare of our Lord
1670 When hee was of sound and perfect memory Declared beforeas his last Will
and Testament ????patinely in manner and forme following First hee gave his
Soule unto Almighty God his Creator and his Desire was that when hee should
happen to Depart this life that his Body might bee buried by his Sonne who lay
buried in the Northside of Ilminster Church yard Alsoe he gave unto his Daughter Joane
Pike One Hundred pounds Due unto him by three seavreall Obligacons and Delivered
unto his Executrix hereafter named Alsoe hee then gave unto his said Daughter
??ne three of his biggest peeces of gould Alsoe hee then gave unto his Daughter 
Mary Pike Threescore pounds to bee paid unto her by his said Executrix when shee
should have occasion to use the same And hee alsoe then gave unto the said Mary
Two ????t peeces of gold and one little peice of gold And hee then Declared that hee
would and Did give unto the said Mary all his right and title which hee then had
of and in a certain Tenement then in the possession of Alice Hill of Dillington in the
said County Widdowe Provided That when shee should happen to be actually possessed
thereof Then shee the said Mary for the future was to pay unto Elizabeth his then
wife Seaven pounds to bee yearly paid unto her by the said Mary as issueing out of
the Rents and profitts thereof Alsoe hee then gave unto his said wife One Annuity of
Five pounds to be paid unto her imeadiatly after his Decease yssueing out of the Rents
and profits of a certaine Tenement which hee then had in his possession Scituate in
Horton aforesaid and such Annuity to bee soe paid unto her by his Daughter Susan
Pike whome hee then Declared should bee his Executrix of such his said Will And ^ Declared     ^ then
that hee would and Did give unto his said Daughter Susan All the rest of his goods
and Chattells unbequeathed And then Desired us whose names are hereunto subscribed
to bee Witnesses unto such his said Will this being the first Day of May 1671 Witnes
William Spike Tho Beere Anthony Paydn

Probatum fuit [this paragraph continues in latin and appears to grant probate
on 8 November 1671]
Octavo Die mensis Novembris Anno Dni Millesimo Sexcentesimo Septuagesimo primo
Susanna Pyke Relicta et Executricis

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